Friday, April 1, 2011

Talking Intuition

I talk. I talk a lot. I talk about important topics, I talk about nonsense, I talk about dreams and I talk bullshit. I talk to anybody who will listen and even to those who won't.

The mister talks. He talks a lot. He talks so fast, sometimes, that I'm the only one who can understand him. He talks about anything and everything, to anyone and everyone.

Munchkin talks. He talks, rarely. He says mum, dad, wow, bird, cat, Opa, blue, dog, god-damn, mine, here, apple and well, that's about it. He talks to the mister, me and only a few other people.

Munchkin only really started chattering constantly a couple of weeks ago. Until then it was only a series of grunts. Grunts to tell us what he wanted or didn't want, where he did or didn't want to go or do. Grunts for everything and anything.

I blamed myself. I blamed my intuition and always knowing what he meant and wanted. Although I blamed myself I didn't want to stop following my intuition so I turned to Dr Google.

Yes, I freaked. Almost two years old and no words said more than once. Dr Google informed me that he should be saying at least more than ten proper words in context or even sentences! So Dr Google was sitting behind the computer telling me there was something wrong with my precious boy.

Freaking REALLY began. I checked out forums, asked parenting pages on facebook and stalking mummy blogs to find answers. I found them.

I found that as a mother, as a parent, I should follow my intuition. I should do what I've done since munchkin was born and never stop. I found that if I know what my son wants without him having to say it then I should see it as a blessing rather than a curse.

I haven't stopped following my intuition. I never will, no matter how small or big it may be. If it's fetching munchkin a water or knowing that he is hungry without him needing to say so,  then my intuition is valuable and worth trusting.

Guess what?! Regardless of how much I gave into munchkin's grunts he is talking more and more each day. He may go to the fridge and get his own bottle of water or bring me his jar of olives, but I still know what he is going to do with that empty bottle of coke. 

I'm still learning to calm down if munchkin doesn't reach goals at the same time he apparently should. I think it will take a lifetime, but I'm more aware and trying more. 

I do know one thing though and if you are a parent you should too. 

Follow your intuition. It is EXTREMELY valuable to you and your family.


  1. I'm sorry, as a speechie I've had parents bring their kids not talking in at 3, unconcerned whatsoever.

    Sometimes intuition is wrong!

    But yes, it's wonderful when it all kicks into gear!

  2. Oh I totally agree, but is that intuition or something else?

    It's wonderful when it's worked and used correctly, as with most things :)

  3. yes, intuition is very powerful

    and sometimes Dr Google is too powerful for our own good...

    Gill xo

  4. I had the same concerns and was fobbed off by health nurses and doctors. It was only after a melt-down tanty in a doctors office that I got a referral to a paediatrician.

    Imagine my horror when he immediately recognised significant developmental delay and speech. Madeleine was tested as having receptive/expressive speech at a 0.1% level for her age.

    Madeleine has since been diagnosed as having a Primary Language Disorder and is attending the only specialist school in Australia for it. She is 4 and a half and only now is speaking in sentences.

    Moral of the story: I'm not saying our story is the same for all... BUT...It's your child, your intuition. I would rather be proved wrong than be right and not have that vital early intervention. I'm glad I listened to my intuition.

    Kristen. :)

  5. Oh yes Dr Google can be too powerful. It's scary!

    Kay, you and I are very intuitive people and you followed your intuition and pushed. We are very lucky :)

    I can't wait till we are back on track with our bills so I can donate to Madeleine's education as I agree it is extremely important. I also think they government need to subsidise it but that's a whole different rant!

  6. It's so hard to know what to do when our babies don't reach the milestones. They're only averages after all. Go to one GP to ask a question or get reassurance and you'll get rolled eyes and accusations of being a paranoid mother... go to the next one and they'll demand to know why you didn't come in sooner. It's tough being a mama.


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