Monday, April 18, 2011

Third Day - 'Let It Be' by Carol Woods and Timothy T Mitchum

The third challenge in the 50 Day Music Challenge is 'favourite album track'.

I figure this doesn't mean a released single and includes soundtracks so my favourite album track is 'Let It Be' by Carol Woods and Timothy T Mitchum on the Across the Universe soundtrack.

If you love The Beatles and haven't seen this movie I recommend buying it. We are onto our second copy as my arsehole ex housemate stole our first copy. Oh yeah it is THAT good!

I'm one of those people who instantly groan when I hear 'cover' and 'The Beatles' in the same sentence. I instantly get defensive and a song has to be damn good for me to like it. I'm one of those people who hates a song before I hear it, like, if I was told that Britney Spears did a Beatles cover I'd want to go even more stabby stab stabby on her face without even hearing it. I'm kind of hard to please in this area.

So, it was a major surprise when I fell in love with Across the Universe. I have the movie. I have the soundtrack. I often listen to it and I LOVE it.

When munchkin was really little (from about 3mths) and unhappy I would play this song and he would stop crying. 

This is one of my favourite Beatles songs and it is covered magnificently. I don't love it as a Beatles cover, I love it as a song. They made it their own and it's brilliant.


  1. Day 38 is Favorite cover :) hehe you can use it twice xo

  2. Oh.My.God - you mean i've finally found someone who has not only heard of " Across the Universe " but has seen it...and loved it ? I have both the soundtrack and the film too but i'd say my pick of the bunch is Evan Rachel Wood doing " Blackbird ". Ooh, and the cover of " Hey Jude "...i just love me some " Hey Jude "! Even the version i heard being done by a covers band in a Bangkok pub was good!

  3. Oh no I'll find a different one for cover song!

    Yay! It's always excellent finding another Across the Universe lover! To be honest I adore every song on the soundtrack. I love our they made them their own. Brilliant.


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