Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pre-Holiday Fashion

Inspired by many fashionable bloggers (Danimezza, Styling You, Hello Owl, Lady Melbourne, and Hummingbird's Song) I am doing a fashion type post.

This is what I wore to the shops for our pre-Easter and holiday shop.
The skirt is from my mum (either her wardrobe or op shop), shirt is from Kmart, singlet under the shirt is from Supre, necklace from Diva and the shoes are from Betts.
Munchkin wanted to pose like mummy too. He LOVES the camera!
A horrid side on shot but it does show the beautiful skirt. It's wrap around in beautiful silk material. 

I'm a massive fan of wrap around skirts. They were my staple wardrobe item when I was pregnant. I love that you can dress them up or down and they can be worn on skinny or fat days.

The same day the mister had a pyjama party at his work and everyone had to dress up, including staff.

He wanted to wear my Peter Alexander pj bottoms which was NOT happening. The amount of alcohol that COULD get spilt onto my beautiful pale pink, cupcake pants. No way was I going to risk them being ruined so naturally this meant a shopping experience.

We went to Best and Less because they have the BEST pyjamas. So cheap and comfy.

I went a tad overboard buying pyjamas for munchkin but seriously they had them for $9 each and the shirt BUTTONS to the pants. Awesome! So he got three pairs of them. He also got some shoes, shirts and pants but most of that was at another store so it's ok.

Anyway, the mister chose some awesome Snakes and Ladders pants, some uggs and a diamante eye mask. 
He already had an awesome shirt from Threadless.
So there is my first 'fashion' post. 

Hopefully I'll be dragging myself out of the house during the holidays so I may have another one up my sleeve when I get back.

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  1. Nice " fashion " blogging. We love Best and Less for kids clothes at our house too. Cute, comfy and cheap - gotta love that combination!


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