Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Favourite - Lounge

I like books. No surprise there. 

We have two bookcases in our house. One is in our lounge and one is in munchkin's room. Both have books in them.  Munchkin's may not be full but it still has books. 

Why do people buy BOOKcases and put everything but books in them? Ahh.. they are called bookcases for a reason.
Anyway, it should be of no surprise that my favourite part of our lounge room is our bookcase. It's beautiful. Well, it's actually not. But the books and photos make it so.
Here it is closer;
I need another bookcase. I have to lay the books on the top of other books. Granted all the Goosebump books can go in munchkin's bookcase but that requires EFFORT.

Ok top shelf there are photos and candles with the books. Most of my books are non-fiction. I am a sucker for biographies especially if drugs and prostitution are involved. I don't know why, it just is.

See the car? That was the mister's present to himself last Christmas. He bought an Audi R8. He told everyone that too. The ones that don't know him too well were really impressed and didn't ask for dimensions. Suckers!

Third shelf has some of my incense stash. They were put there so munchkin would stop using them as his comfort toy. I started to worry after he kept taking a different one to bed. I know aromatherapy oils can be dangerous so thought maybe so could incense. I am still yet to know.
The fourth shelf in this photo looks like it can fit more books. It did. It is now full as.

I have quite a few textbooks. Most are outdated, meaning they are more than six months old. The Social Psychology ones are most interesting as they are from the 1970's when my mum studied some psychology. So many of the studies are unethical yet taught us so much. 

That is one of our bookcases. A lot of my books are elsewhere (I'm looking at you mother and Juliet). Again, I love books.

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