Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Eleventh Day - 'Heartbeatz' by Styles & Breeze

I had trouble with the eleventh challenge 'a song that reminds you of your best friend'. The reason? I have many best friends. Friends that I don't have to see or speak to everyday to know they are there for me as I am for them.

I chose a song that instantly came to mind when I thought of this person, Puff. That song is 'Heartbeatz' by Styles & Breeze.

Puff and I used to sing this song VERY loudly anywhere and everywhere.

When munchkin was little and first standing he would dance to this song.

It's a fun song, just like Puff.


  1. i truly enjoyed listening to this song ....you cannot help but dance ....reminds me of the days in my home ...paula and i loved to dance and sing ...music was such a huge part of our life ...thankyou Amy ...from Ellen

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