Friday, April 8, 2011

Text Relationship

ME: I just found the perfect job for you if the airforce doesn't work out.
HIM: Nope.
ME: You don't even know what it is!!!
HIM: Doesn't matter...
ME: Why?
HIM: What is the job?
ME: I can't discuss it over text. You'll have to wait till you get home. Bring warmth.
HIM: What do you mean you can't discuss over text? Is it a joke job? Like stripper or something?
ME: No it's not a joke job. It's a classified job. Classified as in secret. I feel like sauerkraut, mash and pork knuckle.
HIM: Hahaha ok I'll play your game.
ME: It's no game. It's true. Bring home German food?
HIM: Hahaha no it's not going to happen.
ME: Whhhy?!
HIM: Where?
ME: I need warmth. Pork belly warmth. Must be cooked when delivered. I have no idea where. It should be easy. Why is it so hard? New business venture?

No reply.

No German food delivered.

Job is a secret. I can't even tell you. It's real though. You can find it on the internet.

It's also freaking awesome and if I wasn't a mummy I'd so do it. I'm not saying I couldn't do it, because I've had a child, it's just that I couldn't leave so easily. Plus I don't think I'm that logical. I'd get distracted too easily too.

It will be revealed if you bring me German food. See above.

Don't expect a job to be open though. I found this out after telling the Mister all about it and him getting excited. We were pumped. So I click 'Apply'. 'Sorry there are no job openings'.

I get distracted too easily.

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