Sunday, April 24, 2011


Happy Zombie chocolate day aka Easter!

We have definitely eaten more chocolate than we should have, especially today. We started off with chocolate hot cross buns and ate chocolate bunnies and eggs all day. We did have a break from the chocolate with a lunch BBQ and salad. 

Munchkin, who doesn't usually like chocolate or anything sweet (apart from Magnum Egos), ate too much chocolate today, about four eggs. His poohs were not nice at all. I have a feeling his skin is going to break out in eczema too, poor baby. Luckily he prefers savoury to sweet.

We are staying at my mum's over the weekend looking after her after she had her gallbladder out. I invited my dad down today to have a family Easter together. My parents separated when I was six and I'm lucky that they are still friends so we spend holiday together. 

Munchkin had a treasure hunt when dad came over. I thought he'd be too young for it (he's two next month) but after he found the first one he had the hang of it. He had two of the eggs he found (out of twelve). Well he ate half and squished the other half into his hands before freaking out.

He didn't just get chocolate for Easter. Easter Bunny (Noni) bought him Peter Rabbit dinnerware and a Hoot toy, which he got early (from us).
I've had a stomach ache for the last two days from over indulging in cake and having to buy more chocolate as I ate what we originally bought. I did say over indulging. It's so worth the yumminess and endorphins though.

Mum has foxtel too so we are also over indulging on TV. At the moment we are all obsessed with cake making shows. One website you HAVE to check out is Charm City Cakes. I want one of their cakes. They are AMAZING. They have their own show Ace of Cakes which airs on Lifestyle Food. So worth watching.

I'm off to snuggle on the couch with the mister and read one of my new books.
I hope your Easter was fantastic!

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