Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Favourite - Bedroom

I love beautiful things whether they are cheap or expensive.

I love meaningful things whether significant or insignificant.

My favourite thing in my bedroom is both beautiful and meaningful.
It is a glass bowl with a lid that belonged to my Opa.

It used to sit on his coffee table filled with lollies.
My dad has one too. Quite possibly the whole family has one each.

It carries many memories for me so when I received it after my Opa moved to his nursing home I immediately had to find a way that I can use it every day. It also had to be in a safe environment away from prying toddler fingers.

The best thing way I could think of using it was as a jewellery holder.
It now sits proudly on our dressing table holding my most prized jewellery.

Maybe one day it will hold lollies and become a favoured memory for munchkin like it was for me.

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