Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Males in this House

The mister is AMAZING. 
He cooks, cleans, studies and works so I can stay home with munchkin, and he is so thoughtful always doing this to make my life easier. Amazing.

Just don't talk to him while he is reading, playing a game or watching TV. 

I get it's a male thing. I actually like how engrossed he gets into things. Just not when I'm talking to him. Especially when he acknowledges me with an 'ok' or 'yep'. Frustration plus!

Today he was playing a game on his iPhone and I walked past asking if he can help me with a bit of housework. 


I know. Don't nag. Selective hearing occurs as soon as nagging begins. I understand that. I had a mum too. I had selective hearing. It's not always when I'm asking something. I could be talking about unicorns or F1 or politics or munchkin. Anything and I still get ignored.


I got a reply! 'Yep' so I thought 'Winner. He is listening!'. I walked outside and the clothes were still damp so I walk back inside and say 'Don't worry about it'. The mister JUMPED up (literally) asking what I said and apologised for not hearing me and next time I should hit him.

Yeah right. If I hit him next time he'd be all 'What the f was that for?'.

Notice how I just know there will be a next time. I'm not stupid. 

I also realise I have a son who already ignores me when he's watching TV. 
He's not even two. Imagine what he'll be like in ten years time.

Oh god. I'll have both father and son too engrossed in ANYTHING to hear me.
What do I do? 
Make sure the mister is listening to me before I spend ten minutes rattling on about whether Barbie and Ken should get back together or should he follow his heart and finally come out of the closet. 
Or just not talk. Wait, what?! Scrap that. As if I'm not going to talk.

If you experience this, what do you do?


  1. Cute photo :)
    What *do* you think of Barbie and Ken getting back together? I think it all happened very quickly, Barbie should have played hard to get :P

  2. My hub doesn't really do that. I do. I am selfish. I pretend I don't hear many times. My husband says I have great skills with ignoring.

  3. Urrrrgh, I sympathise! In this house, it's just the husband who does it (my multitasking daughter seems able to have one ear on conversation in the room regardless of how engrossed she is in watching tv or some other task she's performing). I can't help you. I've never worked it out. After 18 years, he still does it, despite all my begs, pleads, threats and silent treatment attempts ;) Very sweet photo, though, I have to say...

  4. I still think Ken is gay and didn't Barbie have an Aussie surfer dude called Chad? What happened to him? I want to know what Kelly and Skipper think about it all too.

    Kristy I need to learn your skills!

    Being Me, that doesn't give me much hope. I guess it's part of what we love about them? It becomes love doesn't it? Tolerance maybe? I can deal with tolerance.


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