Friday, April 1, 2011

My Community

Taringa - Trip to daycare
This is where munchkin goes twice a week to socialise and have fun with wonderful people and children. 

He loves it. He has grown so much from it and we, as parents, have too. In so many ways.

When the mister takes munchkin to daycare he drives. He is usually home about ten minutes later. When I take munchkin we catch the bus or buses. I'm usually home about an hour later, if I'm lucky.

This is just a snippet of our adventures.
How gorgeous is this gate!?! It's right near munchkin's daycare outside a gorgeous little house. I love the rustic charm of it. 

All this so close to the city.
 One of my bus stops I can wait at to catch the bus home. 

This is my favourite one. There are no hills.
 An amazing tree at the bus stop. It made me smile so I took a photo straight away.
One of the buses. If this was a uni bus (which I have to catch to get home) this usually would be a standing area. They can get quite claustrophobic.
Aren't these seats just amazing. I want them. Everywhere. Maybe I'll even make clothes for munchkin with this material, I love it that much.

How amazing is this garden!? It's right near our house and we walk past it often.

Munchkin loves smelling the flowers and we do colours with them too. It's so wonderful.

What does your community look like?

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