Friday, April 15, 2011

Naked, Gok Wan and Danimezza Style

Danielle from Danimezza got the pleasure to meet the inspirational Gok Wan. The man who is transforming the fashion world one woman at a time. When meeting him she got a signed copy of his book which she is kindly giving away to one of her lucky readers. All she asks is a photo and story about your favourite body part. You guessed it, I'm joining in.

As soon as I read this I was all for taking a photo and writing about my wrists. They have been my favourite body part for years, about ten in fact. Why? They are skinny no matter if the rest of my body is not. They are so skinny that I can touch my thumb and little finger around them which for my unusually short pinky fingers is some feat.
Then I thought how lame it is that my favourite body part is my wrists. Seriously lame. Isn't there something else I like about my body other than my wrists which while being skinny aren't all that great in doing wrist things like picking up heavy pans. Yep, skinny wrists doesn't mean strong wrists. Who woulda thought?
As I was thinking this I wasn't wearing pants. Pants off Friday! Not wearing pants made me think of my butt and legs. Now I know Danielle doesn't want to hear about what we don't like about our bodies but I have to say something here.

On Wednesday I received a coupon email for non-invasive liposuction so I booked in. I spoke to the mister about it and decided to get it done on my thighs. After posting what I was doing on both facebook and twitter I received outcries from people who know me. Mind you I think only one of those people has seen me without pants. 

I was umming and arring about it anyway so I called back and spoke to the lovely girl on reception who told me she is a size 8 - 10 and gets it done so it could be beneficial to me. We spoke more and after me doing some feeling up of my thighs I realised that what I wanted to get rid of wasn't actually fat but bone. It doesn't take a genius to realise that taking away structural would be extremely invasive so I cancelled the appointment or rather the receptionist cancelled for me.

Why am I telling you this? Because I, and almost every other woman, needs to learn to love our bodies, to love how we are structurally built. I need to read munchkin's book that was Book of the Week 3 and learn to just not preach it but live it as well. We need to embrace our bodies, every part of it.

This is why Gok Wan is so amazing. He understands women's body shapes are unique and that you don't need to change them at all, just dress for your shape and style. Wonderful! But why does it take an amazing man to tell us? Shouldn't we already know? 

Regardless of my enlightenment I am still not going to lie and say I love my thighs and bum or my lack of boobs. I don't but I am trying. Although, I admit if I received a coupon for a non-invasive yet effective boob job I'd jump at it in a heartbeat. 

My favourite body part is my torso. It's tiny yet long. It allowed my son to lay with his feet in my ribs while I was giving birth. It elongates my body and makes it easy to wear high waisted and long length clothes. Munchkin and the mister hug my torso. Long torsos are not all that common or wanted, yet I love it.

I also love my shoulders, my long bony fingers, my ears, my back, my neck, my unusual toes and although it's still lame I do love my wrists.

If you have a favourite body part, love Gok Wan and want a signed copy of his book, Through Thick and Thin, join over here.


  1. I adore you and your little wrists and long torso x

  2. I intend on entering this comp too - and i love your torso! I used to love mine before baby but i consider it a work in progress now...very envious of your long waist!

  3. Here's to little wrists! I like my wrists too. I think your long torso is lovely (does that sound a bit pervey? It's not meant to).

  4. Thanks ladies.

    Glowless it sounded VERY pervey ;)

  5. love it ames. U r so beautiful inside an out. Stand up tall an be proud an always be thankful for u r blessed. Love u x

  6. Beautiful post, why do we need some (great) guy to tell us something that we should already know? I am envious of your torso too! My sister has lovely dainty wrists like yours :)

  7. Your body is gorgeous!
    From a fellow skinny wristy!

  8. hi, first time visiting ur blog, and fell in love with it straight away.


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