Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Favourite - Kitchen

Everyone has a favourite place in every room of their home, right? Please tell me I'm not the only one. I thought I'd show you mine, starting with the kitchen.

I understand that most people would show their fancy oven or at least something to do with cooking. I don't cook, often. So no, you won't see my oven (it's not that special anyway) and actually there is only one thing to do with cooking in my favourite section of the kitchen. To my mum, yes I have even used it. I'm domesticated.

Here is my favourite section of the kitchen (minus the knives);
Here it all is in more detail;
One of my fabulous aunts bought the below Taurus picture for my birthday last year. It's perfect as munchkin and I are both Taureans (yeah, I know the fights are going to be epic when he is older). 

Next to that is a metal jar from my Valentine's flowers this year and I've filled them with tea-light and Ikea candles. It not only looks good but it'll be fabulous when a blackout happens. 
Above are built in shelves next to our wine glass cupboard. We don't drink wine. Luckily also in there are beer glasses. We drink beer.

I love teapots. No I don't drink tea (see the pattern). 

The top shelf has a clear glass teapot we bought from T2, a Christmas decoration munchkin made at daycare and the PEACE letters I bought from Crazy Clarks at Christmas time.

The bottom shelf has a mini teapot and a teapot, cup and saucer all given to me by my mummy. She knows me too well. The photo is from our Sydney trip last year and is in an Ikea frame. The little silver bracelet was bought for munchkin from the mister but munchkin knows how to get it off so he doesn't wear it :(
The painted hearts were last years Valentine's Day present from munchkin to the mister. Easiest craft ever. 

The canvas painting was done for the mister by munchkin as last years Father's Day present (see the pattern). We like painting.

Our house phone/internet is iinet love. I adore Bob. He is so helpful in my Big Love and Hoarders addiction.
This is the only cooking thing here (the knives don't count). My grandma gave it to me for Christmas. She has written her favourite recipes in there and I've added to it (banana muffins, I said I don't cook). 

Above that is one rose I kept from Valentine's Day. I like roses, especially dried ones. I also like keeping things that make me smile. This rose is one of those things.
These are my guardian angels; my angel and turtle crystals. They go perfect there and I like teaching munchkin about being careful with crystals and their meaning. 

I have crystals all over the house. One sits on our desk, a few in our TV cabinet and a bunch are still in storage. Munchkin has a couple of crystals he has chosen that are in his room.

There you have it. My favourite part of our kitchen.

What's your favourite thing/s in your kitchen?

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  1. Hello, fellow Taurus. :) It makes total sense that you would love all your special things in your kitchen. That is part of the Taurus personality - to love beautiful things and the placement of them in your home. Thanks for the follow! I will follow/subscribe to you as well!


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