Thursday, June 30, 2011

$5 Style Challenge Update!

Sorry I've been a bit slack updating this. I have continued the challenge though and am still finding it fun and interesting. It's also been quite the challenge.

I went out and helped Power Mums at the Pregnancy, Baby and Children's Expo in Brisbane last Saturday. I knew Ellie was giving us pink Power Mums shirts to wear so I just had to worry about everything else. Black seemed the most obvious colour to wear. I knew I was going to be on my feet the whole day so I needed to wear something comfortable.

Enter my FAVOURITE pants. The style is known to some as ugly. One (freaking amazing) lady, Eden calls them 'Repulsive Genie Pants'. I love them. I have one pair in grey which are not worn out of the house unless I'm planning on staying in the car or am having a feral day. My black pair, however, are worn everywhere. I've worn them out to dinner, movies, pubs, clubs, shopping - you name it if I've been there I've probably worn my black harem pants.
Not the best photo - munchkin was cracking it in the car
Munchkin was not happy. He knew I was going out without him so he was upset. After I was dropped off he was fine with his daddy.
Oh light spot good aim
Shirt - Supre (2009)
Pants - Kmart (2011)
Shoes - Rubi (2010)
Necklace - Susie Q Creations (2011 - gift from PP and Nat)
Earrings - New Zealand (2010 - gift from MIL)
Not happy bubby
Really not happy baby
The mister and I then went shopping. We had coffee and met Bronnie from Maid in Australia for some ice-skating fun. Unfortunately, munchkin was too small and I was too big. It looked like so much fun and for $10 for 45 minutes the perfect school holiday activity for kids. It was wonderful meeting Bronnie and I hope it won't be the last time. If you haven't met her, you should! 

After coffee and cake (carrot - yummy!) we went shopping. The mister needed new black jeans for work and I wanted to check out SES Fashion as I was told it's cheap but nice clothes. Perfect for my style challenge. 

I walked away with one dress, pair tights, long sleeved top, singlet, and a white business shirt for $20.80. I must admit that I did go over my budget on the dress. It was $5.98. I wore it today with the tights and singlet when the mister and I went shopping (groceries). It's so comfortable and light. 
It looks like I'm wearing a cup
Dress - SES Fashion (2011)
Tights - SES Fashion (2011)
Singlet - SES Fashion (2011)
Shoes - Iron Fist (2011 - gift from PP and Conor!)
Ghetto Botty
Singing and dancing to 'Baby Got Back'
I did do some internet shopping when I got home. It involved lay-bying all of munchkin's Christmas and birthday presents (we always stock up at the Toy Sales) and buying an outfit for me for a birthday party we are going to. I did go over my $5 Style Challenge again though. I paid $10 for a pair of harem pants to wear. Can I justify it by saying that it's a PAIR of pants, so each leg is in fact $5?!

I'll definitely post photos of that outfit. If my plan goes ahead I'll look hot. Especially if my boobs make their pregnancy appearance!

If you are interested in other people's smart shopping wonders check out Cait's bargain she picked up for just $5 and Holly's thrifty awesomeness.


  1. I always go to SES when i'm Sydney because they do cheap and cheerful pretty well. They also have some cheap and nasty so you have to be prepared to do a bit of searching!

  2. I LOVE YOUR REPULSIVE GENIE PANTS!! You, Tutu, wear them beautifully. I mean it - I cannot wear them because I'd look DUM with no B. I love your booty - love that $5 dress. All of it.


  3. Oi, I don't want to excite you too much but WE HAVE THE SAME AWESOME $15 KMART GENIE PANTS! Love your style ;)

    I had the pleasure of meeting Bronnie at AusBlogCon this year. She is gorgeous!

  4. I'm going to tell you a secret. Lawnton markets 6am - 12 every Saturday. I never walk out empty handed

  5. I hated those "jeanie pants" for so so long. Until I picked up a pair for $10. They are so freaking comfy! And I actually suit a bit of the boho look, so I went back the next week and picked up another pair!
    I do agree they need to be worn right. A baggy or flowy top? Just forget it, you need to keep the top fitted and tight. Maybe a flowy jacket? Just my opinion.

    I do not know how you get all that for so cheap! I try to bargain shop, but I would be stocked to just get a dress for $20, let alone all of that!

  6. Glad you checked out ses. I went in their yesterday and tights were $3.95!!! So I grabbed some for work... I can't wear anything else cause I've lost so much weight all my pants look like harem pants on me!
    Ps glad you love your birthday present.

  7. I love your style, and on a budget too. You're a girl after my own heart. Except I cannot wear harem pants. Butt is too big! It was lovely to meet you too. xo

  8. To be really blunt and honest, EVERYTHING would look good on you because you are hawt!! I, on the other hand, can't get away with those things (not looking for a compliment, it's just a fact). Work it baby!!

  9. I wish I could repeat your challenge... Gorgeous blue dress. Love this color on you!


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