Saturday, June 18, 2011


A quick post to say I have no time to post. Ah... ok then. Well, I do have time right now but it isn't enough time to actually sit down and type a proper post.


We had a 30th surprise birthday party organised by my princess for her amazing boyfriend! 

The food. OMG I thought I'd had spring rolls before but nothing compared to these golden delicacies. Amazing! Not to mention the Cobb Loaf or the fact that I, hater of corn, becomes a ravenousness pig when faced with amazing Cobb Loaf. How irresistible!

Unfortunately we couldn't stay long as we had to get home and organised to head out to a 21st at the mister's old workplace. I sit here now as both boys are fast asleep and my mum is on her way to stay the night looking after munchkin. So lucky!

I also had my first challenge for my Style Challenge.

Today, I decided that I would wear two outfits. I want to feel like I have too many clothes. Which I do but not like Madonna or Britney Spears. Maybe like Britney, I do have a lot of tracksuit pants and oversized t-shirts.

Anyway, todays outfit will not be tonights outfit. Today was casual. Tonight is dress up, a suit party. A suit party that I am not wearing a suit and neither is the mister. We are rebels.

Today I wore;
Leather Jacket - Bali
Dress - Kookai (2007)
Belt - Portmans (2006)
Leggings - Supre (Ski Tights)
Wedges - Pinet Shoes from ShoeBiz (2005)
Earrings and Ring - Diva (2007)

Oh yeah definitely working it baby!

How much did I spend to wear this outfit today? $0. Well, I did buy all the above but I bought them years ago. My underwear is definitely the newest thing on.

So far so good! I must admit I almost went and bought more leggings/tights today. They were under $5 though and I think I'll still buy them. A girl can never have too many!

Depending on the existence of a hangover tomorrow I'll be posting tonights outfit then. Stay tuned!


  1. You look great! Can't wait to see what your night outfit was!

  2. If only i had the legs to pull of those tights. You're rocking them lady!

  3. I am loving the colour of the dress. Just what's needed on a Winter's day.

  4. Gorgeous! Am off to read all about this style challenge of which you speak x

  5. Thanks ladies. I'm having fun with this challenge. My closet is looking full again and only my perception has changed!


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