Saturday, June 25, 2011


Welcome weekend!!

What a week indeed. I'll hopefully have enough time and energy to do a week update post tomorrow. Switching medications is still knocking me around a bit. Nothing bad, mainly my eyes get sore quickly. That could also be because I'm still waiting on my new glasses to arrive.

Today, however, I will NOT be near a computer all day! Instead I will be at the Brisbane Pregnancy and Children's Expo at the Brisbane Convention Centre helping out at the Power Mums stall. 

If you are there please come say hi to me, Princess, and Ellie!


  1. Gee you get around TuTu! Life is never dull over your way! Actually you will be over my way today! Have fun! A-M xx

  2. Oh wish I could drop by. Enjoy.
    Hang in there, I really admire you, switching medications is tough. xo

  3. Happy Weekend, Ames! Hope you have a great one!

  4. It was a fun day. I'm so not used to spending hours on my feet though. The dizziness got to me by the afternoon so I came home, ate and had a two hour nap.

    Thanks Daisy!!

  5. The vacation days are funny days. Ames I hope you enjoy a lot.


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