Sunday, June 5, 2011

OMG Cars 2!!

Munchkin goes through favourite movies all the time. One week he'll be obsessed with Toy Story but hate it the next week. Every week it changes. Except one movie. Cars.

It's lucky we like Cars. It's a brilliant movie. 

I first saw it at the movies with my dad. His favourite part is when the crowd realises that the Hudson Hornet is Lightning's pit crew chief. 

My favourite part is when Chick's pit crew's moustaches fall off after Guido's extremely fast change of Lightning's tyres. 

The mister's favourite part is Mater spitting out oil saying 'He did what in his cup?' when Lightning tells the Radiator Springs group that Doc has three Piston Cups. 

Munchkin's favourite part is when Mater and Lightning go Tractor tipping and Frank chases them. This is what he does when he watches it.

It cracks me up every time!

You could say that we are all extremely excited about Cars 2 which will be at the movies on the 23rd June 2011. Hopefully it will be a new family favourite that will be watched a million times and still be good just like Cars is.

Big thank you to Nuffnang for letting us enjoy Cars 2 for free when it is released. If you want a family pass to see Cars 2 as well here's what you have to do;

a) Write a blog post to create awareness of the upcoming flick, Disney/Pixar Cars 2
b) Include the Disney/Pixar Cars 2 trailer so your readers can score a sneak peak as to just how awesome this movie is!c) Once your blog post is live, leave a link to it in a comment on this blog post and email your full name and postal details to and we’ll have a pass out to you in the mail.
Competition is open to Australian residents who are able to attend screenings within Australia.
Entries open 3/6/11 and close on 17/6/11 at 5pm. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for more details!

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  1. Our favourite bit is when thy all go cruisin' when the road is ready. We all get up and have a dance! We LOVE Cars here too!


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