Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thank You - My Blogging Journey (So Far)

I began blogging in 2009. Only the mister knew I blogged. I stopped because I lost my blog mojo. I didn't blog again for almost six months. I kept reading my favourite blogs but didn't write anything. 

I started Tutu Ames as I was again in my happy place and felt my blog mojo come back. I'd spent the six months learning about writing posts, design and topics. I expanded my knowledge, not through e-classes but through blogs I admired. Blogs I felt had made it. 

These blogs were successful in my, a reader and follower, eyes. I still read them today and if I were to stop blogging would still read them tomorrow. These blogs include The House That A-M BuiltGood Golly Miss Holly!Suger Coat ItDanimezzaAiring My Dirty Laundry, One Sock At A TimeOffbeat MamaSomewhere, Over Jen's Rainbow and Super Organiser Mum. As you can see a mix of blogs catering for my ever changing tastes. 

What made these blogs successful to me was their personality. Their blog is an extension of them. They write their way, not the way they 'should' write. They are strong, powerful women. I would gladly welcome these women into my home and for some I have. Whether that be my physical home or simply my personal Facebook page. 
I like flowers in my hair
My first blog I had no idea how to post. I had followers, a small community who I will be forever grateful for helping me through the bad times and sharing in the good times. I enjoyed my little community and love that I'm still in contact with those amazing ladies. 

I turned to them, in fact, when I began Tutu Ames. Melissa from Suger Coat It helped me with the design aspect of Tutu Ames. I felt accepted and like I'd never left. I picked up where I left off, without feeling like I'd ever left. 

I don't regret my time away from posting as I learned so much and grew so much. I stopped blogging because I felt pressured to (by no one but myself) and began blogging because I wanted to. I also stopped stealth blogging which removed the  stress of being caught out. I spent time designing my blog, asked for advice and threw myself into amazing blogging communities. 

I also started tweeting which was one reason I began blogging again. Twitter gave me my blog mojo back. I could easily connect and talk with fellow bloggers and I didn't worry about people who didn't get it. All the reasons why I didn't like Facebook anymore. Don't get me wrong Facebook is fantastic to keep in contact with my friends and family but it's not good to network. Especially when bloggers don't always reveal their real name. 
Brisbane Hello Owl and Nuffnang Meet - Photo by Aynat Designs
I started Tutu Ames filled with hope. Hope that I would branch out into a wider community. Hope that I'd meet people who were in similar situations to me. Hope that I'd make friends in different circles. All I wanted was to connect with people. People who loved writing as much as I do. People who use social media to escape the sometimes mundane reality of being a SAHM. 

Communities such as Digital Parents and Nuffnang have helped me achieve my dreams of connecting with amazing people. People I would never had have the pleasure of knowing if it had not been for blogging. People I call my friends. People who I'd stand up for in an instance. 

Those not in the blogging community don't understand. They couldn't. I know I didn't. I didn't even understand the friendship of pen pals. I do now. I know you can be friends with people on the other side of the world, never meet them in person but know them like you met them years ago. 

When I started Tutu Ames in March this year I never thought that less than six months later I would feel so part of an amazing community. It never crossed my mind that I'd be working with brands, doing reviews and competitions or getting sponsorship to travel interstate to a blogging conference. It's not why I began or continue blogging but it is fun. 

The amount of comments, views and followers amazes me and every day I am grateful to have the support I do. The community I had before was amazing, but the community I have now is even better. It's the first original expanded. At the end of the day it's not about the followers or views, it's about the comments, the lovely comments. I'm a shit commenter on my blog (I always forget) but it doesn't mean I don't read them or appreciate them. 

I'm so fortunate that I am surrounded by amazing people who give as much as they take. No, they give more. The kindness is outstanding. You don't need to look further than the support given to Lori in her time of need. She's not the only one either. I know I've never felt more welcomed or encouraged. 

Thank you amazing bloggers. Keep being yourselves, keep typing and keep working together. Being a blogger is fun!

EDIT: I haven't included the amazing bloggers who help keep me going now. I will. You are not forgotten and will be mentioned in another post.


  1. Gorgeous post! and you are right. this is an amazing community and I'm proud to call so many of them friends :) We're like one big happy family (without the bitching and in laws and all the yuck stuff lol)

  2. Thank you. It is, we are like the Brady Bunch without the Brady's!

  3. And thats the exact same reason why i started blogging, and continue to do so.
    In the depths of my depression i was encouraged to start writing by a " chat " friend ( who become a blog friend, who became a real life fling... long story ), just so i could get stuff off my chest, and so that i could see their were others out there like me.
    The comments became an unfailing support and the sense of friendship i felt towards these commenters ( bloggers or not ) was very much real. And i feel the same way still, 5 years later - the content and the type of comments have changed, followers have come and some have gone, but i like what i have. The only thing i'd change is to expand my little community!

  4. Thank you for the thank you. A great post giving us an insight into your blogging path. I am so glad that you found your mojo and are keeping it going. Great.

  5. Oh that's me! Thank you 'TuTu'! You have come along leaps and bounds with a blog that has only been going since March! I thought you'd been around for ever! A real pro! I so agree with your sentiments. My blog has gotten me through some of the toughest times in my life... A-M xx

  6. You had me at the very first blog post of yours I read baby!


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