Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Over It

Munchkin is still sick.
It's been a week and I'm over it.

A week of sleeping all day. A week of spewing. A week of temperatures. A week of getting nothing done because he has to be carried. A week of having a newborn again. A newborn that spews often. A newborn that weighs over 10kgs.

Munchkin is very affectionate normally so I don't need the cuddles. Not the type where if I lie in bed with him and move he wakes up.
More sick cuddles
Tomorrow I'm supposed to be volunteering at the Youth Seminar where His Holiness the Dalai Lama is speaking. I've had to cancel because munchkin is too sick to go to daycare.

While laying in bed with munchkin I reluctantly sent the volunteer organiser an email apologising for any inconvenience caused. Munchkin then decided that he felt fine and wanted something to eat.

He got out of bed and we watched a movie about dragons. We pointed out colours on the movie and I talked to him about dragons. He then drew some dragons and was so proud. It's more than he's done in days.

In a week he's eaten two pieces of bread, a slice of pizza, an apple, and a handful of chips. Tonight, however, he has eaten a slice of bread, ten olives, some pasta, and some yoghurt.

How is it that children know that's it time to perk up after you have cancelled your daily duties? Is it a sixth sense they have?

I know he isn't still 100%. He's back asleep for the night and his eyes, mouth and nose are still bright red. 
Gassy munchkin
Tomorrow I have decided I will get stuff done though. Tomorrow I will focus on university. Tomorrow I will clean the bathroom at least. 

(He woke up twice while I typed this. Frustration maxed.)


  1. I am so sorry that you had to cancel your volunteer thing - it sounded like you were very much looking forward to the once in a lifetime opportunity.
    I'm also sorry that Munchkin is sick - Flynn was the same a few weeks back. 5 days of spewing, diarrhea and general lethargy was NOT fun. And just this Monday morning ( i'm talking 1:30am ) i had to rush him to the ED because he had a severe croup attack and couldnt breathe. Also NOT fun.
    You know where to find me ( blog, DP, email ) if you need a sympathetic ear...

  2. Oh, you poor things. I know how frustrating it is to have a sick little one at homme, and get nothing done. And I'm incredibly sorry you had to cancel your role at the Youth Seminar. THAT had to hurt.

    You're a good Mama. I hope he keeps getting better and you get lots done today.



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