Thursday, June 2, 2011

Forty-Eighth Day - 'In Other Words' by Ben Kweller

The forty-eighth challenge in the 50 Day Music Challenge was hard for me as I'm usually listening to old music rather than new releases.

The challenge is 'your favourite song at this time last year'.

I went through my iTunes to see what I added last year and I added one of Ben Kweller's albums and I know I was listening to it a year ago.

This song, 'In Other Words', is so much better live.

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  1. Love this challenge! Gosh, thinking back to this time last year (now, that's a challenge in itself). All I know, is that this time last year I fell pregnant with my first child, but still hadn't found out. A lot can happen in a year, that's for sure. Well done for working out what your fave song was! I like it!


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