Friday, June 3, 2011


I haven't posted as much as usual because of this;
Yep, uni has begun again.

I started this blog when I was on a break which was amazing. Thank you blog for helping me conquer boredom and meet amazing people. Now it's back and I'm trying to get ahead of everything so I can continue to blog daily.

This unit is through Macquarie University and is Organisational Behaviour. Sounds interesting doesn't it! Well it is and it isn't. I think Macquarie have done a wonderful job in making a boring topic interesting. We get to interview people for our assignment which I think is pretty cool. The mister has already been warned I'll be interviewing him and one of his staff. Sucker!

Overall I'm applying to do a Bachelor of Behavioural Studies (Psychology) through Swinburne and Open Universities Australia. It's currently being APA accredited so *fingers crossed* I won't have to change to another university to get accreditation. 

If you are interested in studying but are unsure if you have the time check out Open Universities Australia. I'm doing one unit at a time and that is plenty for me at the moment. I will be doing two next study period though so hopefully I'll be ok with that too. They have awesome courses and the staff and students are very helpful.


  1. Oooh happy studying!

    I've been saying since my eldesdt (now 8) was a baby that I'd like to study, ideally I'd love to do my Masters. Only I don't know what area I want to study... my head is so full of nappies and school runs and lunches that I seem to have lost track of what *I* want to do when I grow up!

    Off to look through some course info ;)

  2. Good Luck!!! I'm with OUA too. You'll be fine with 2 subjects. When The Monkey Boy was about 2 weeks old I had a 2hr exam and did it with him hanging off my boob ;-) Us Mums can do anything!!! :-)

  3. Thanks for providing that link, I will be checking it out.
    And happy studying and happy blogging!

  4. I've thought about doing some further study but I'm not sure how I'd fit it in, or if I'm still disciplined enough! Good luck :-)

  5. I had no idea your blog was so "new ".... but anyhoo, good luck with the study. My sister has just started her first year doing a Bachelor of Nursing and i know she's feeling the stress. And she's not having to chase around a child or keep house, so kudos to you lady!

  6. Happy studying - I haven't studied in years so I'm too scared to go back :P


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