Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Yesterday was Halloween. If I wasn't so lazy or pregnant I would have loved to have celebrated it.

This is what I would have worn if I wasn't pregnant;
Wicked Witch of the West, purely only because I live west of Brisbane. I have no idea if she's the one that got trapped by the house or the one with all the bats. Anyway, I think this outfit is slutty enough for Halloween without being TOO slutty. 

Instead the pregnant me would really have worn;
Lufflump would have worn;
Our party would have looked like;
We would have eaten;
Our front yard would have looked like;
Did you celebrate Halloween? What did yours look or would have looked like?


  1. Oh.My.God - Lufflump would have been the coolest kid ever in the history of OhMyGodILoveTimBurton!
    Also - the Wicked Witch of the West was the one with the flying monkeys who gets melted in the end. The one under the house is the Wicked Witch of the East.
    And lucky last - a belated Happy Halloween to you!

  2. I love that pregnant tshirt! A little creepy but very fun, also you need to watch more of the wizard of oz!

  3. Go Ames! I reckon you could have worn the wicked witch of the west's shoes red style. they were fabulous!

    Serial, how cool is edward scissorhands?

    We started with ten orange balloons, they broke 4 by trying to draw pumpkin heads on them with pen. Then they stole half the treats and went and ate them in their bedroom while I was cooking dinner. by then I was stuffed so they weren't allowed to go out. next year they better remember and be more well behaved!

  4. I love the pregnant top, so awesome!

  5. That would have been one awesome party!

    I didnt let my kids go out this year, because we had a bad experience last year (nothing serious)
    but we did stock up on lollies for those who were out, We only got two groups of bigger kids come through so my kids got a tonne of lollies anyways. Win win for them. xx

  6. what an awesome get-up if you weren't pregnant, but the pregnant halloween t-shirt is pretty cool too :P

    We didn't celebrate Halloween.. but I hope to do more and party up with Christmas! :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka
    New: Wordless Wednesday Linky Party

  7. That pregnant top is awesome! I love the outfit too.

    We didn't do much here, kidlets too little. I did throw a few crappy choccies at some local kids though. That was fun.

  8. That maternity tea is a million kinds of awesome!!!!!!
    We didn't do Halloween, but if we had it would have been the Adams Family. I would have been a (large) Morticia, Pal would have been Gomez, Roo would have been Wednesday, Fraser Pugsly, and Oscar The Thing (for the irony, because he is the most bald).

  9. How cool is that maternity shirt!
    The top outfit looks like you need some kind of pointed waist to wear it though!

    We did nothing, and we didn't have any trick or treaters. Darwin is a bit behind the times when it comes to Halloween, for which I am very grateful!

  10. Baby Edward Scissorhands!! So much awesome.

    This year is the first time in ages that we didn't celebrate. We usually get together with family friends and go all out. My friend makes cakes as a hobby now, so I should insist she makes THAT cake next year.

  11. I was anti Halloween till I saw how awesome your celebrations would have been! Mini Edward Scissor-Hands? Brilliant!

    Where do we order one of those dessert tables? I would have to hoard all the treats for myself i think ;)

    Halloween Polly is a total sex-pot.

  12. we don't do halloween at all but I love your shots - its how I like to celebrate it - from afar
    (the preggy skeleton is fab!!!!!)

  13. I've pinned the skeleton t - hope that is ok - I adore it

  14. ooohh that outfit is fab! I love it! :)
    And the skeleton baby is awesome!

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset

  15. Ooooo! COOL stuff. Looking forward to partying with your non-pregnant and lazy self next year. :D


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