Monday, November 21, 2011

Charity and Luxury

After the Brisbane floods we went through everything and ended up with a large box of clothes, housewares, bags, shoes and baby stuff to donate. We ended up getting distracted and in October we finally donated all that and more. 

I did work experience at a Salvation Army detox which also has a wonderful depot. It's huge and everyone there is so lovely. We have given so much stuff to them and they are always helpful and gracious. 

I made donating part of my 26 Before 26 list for two reasons. The first reason was to motivate me to get it done. The second reason was to donate more stuff and go to the depot. The depot has an amazing store attached and going there reminds me of the wonderful people I met during my work experience. 

I also put owning a Vanchi bag on my 26 Before 26 list. Ever since I saw one reviewed on a blog (I'm sorry I can't remember which one) I fell in love. When I went to the Baby Show I got to try some and fell even more in love with the Doctor Bag in both black and nougat. 

The problem was convincing the mister that it was worth spending $175. Little did I know that they have outlet sales. I ended up scoring a certified second black Doctor Bag for $90. I ordered it on the Friday and it arrived on the Tuesday. I honestly cannot tell why it's a certified second, it looks perfect to me. 
Oh yeah pretty excited
So six months down I've crossed three off my list of twenty-six. Great. Maybe I won't finish them like I thought. 
If you have a list have you crossed much off it?


  1. I do love that bag Ames. So wishing I had thought to buy one while I was pregnant, there isn't any point now that Baby Boy is almost 18 months!

  2. Oh I'm so jealous! I love those Vanchi bags and would love to get one this time around..

  3. I had a sort-of list - i wanted to visit at least one country on each continent before i turned 30. At age (almost)28 i have done:
    Australia - check!
    North America ( USA ) - check!
    South America (Peru ) - check!
    Asia ( Vietname/Cambodia/Thailand ) - triple check!
    Unfortunately i havent yet made it to Africa or Europe ( and i'm not counting Antartica ) and, with a young family, i dont think i'm going to make it in the next 2 years....


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