Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sesame - Week Twenty-Four

I missed a week. Last week I just wasn't feeling it. Now I'm sick so I'm not feeling it either but I'll regret missing another week.

We had another birth centre appointment and it was another success. We met our second (we have three) midwife and she was LOVELY. We laughed, she calmed my nerves and we heard sesame's heartbeat. Due to the echogenic focal point in the left ventricle of the heart found in our last ultrasound we should be having another ultrasound in about ten weeks. The sonographer said it wasn't clinically significant but I'm still slightly fretting. We are assuming it's a calcium spot which is kind of helping.

Sesame is such a ninja baby kicking, punching, wiggling and moving a lot. While at times I love it, other times it makes me feel sick. I'm also peeing every five minutes. I've never peed this much in my life. I swear I see the toilet more than I see lufflump. That's a lot by the way.

Mum bought her a tiny 00000 hot pink suit. It's so small, I think we'll be exchanging it when she comes into the world unless she decides to be early. I'm ok with early, but not too early as I do want to take her home straight away with us.

Lufflump and sesame are already fighting. She kicks him, he hits her. It's starting and she's not even born yet! I hope they both get it out of their system before she arrives.


  1. I had a good giggle that they're already fighting. Lets hope this means they won't when she is here!

  2. I remember 24 weeks, this is when I started my blog. It flies by so quickly even though we think it's dragging on. You have a gorgeous baby bump too x

  3. holy crap - you have like the smallest neatest bump!! :-P

    moving around and kicking the crap out of you is GREAT!! leaves you no doubt that she's alive and well in there :-)


  4. Ha, that's how ninja got her nickname! Such a kicker, I also remember counting the tiles in the loo too. :-(

    Hope this week you feel a but better x

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  6. Take two, without spelling mistakes. ....How lovely Ames. I can't believe you are 24 wks already. I voted for you over yonder too. A-M xx

  7. Ooh - a 00000 suit! Flynn was only two weeks early (according to his due date ) and he wore a size 00000 home from the hospital. Mind you, he fitted into it for all of a week so you never know, that tiny pink suit may come in handy!

  8. Look at your gorgeous little belly

    too cute - wish mine was that small when I was pregnant

    Have a wonderful day,

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog



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