Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Things I Love

After a shitty weekend I need to remind myself that there are things I appreciate and love right now. 
  • Hot showers with hard water pressure. You know the ones where you get goosebumps and a massage? Those ones. Our hot water system was busted all last week. We are assholes and thought it was the neighbours using all the hot water rather than anything broken so didn't notice for about five days. We could have hot showers but the mister had to go into the dreaded snake pit to turn the system on and off. He did this every morning so we could all have burning hot showers. I made sure mine was extra long to show the appreciation.
  • Co-sleeping. Most of the time anyway, not when lufflump is hungry and kicks me in the head while refusing a drink for over half an hour. Stubborn little Taurus. The mister works nights and isn't home when I go to bed. I don't like a cold bed, I like cuddles. I also love waking up to lufflump's hugs and smiles in the morning. Yes, even at 5am. Stubborn little Taurus.
  • Rain. It doesn't rain enough around these parts anymore. Honestly, I think most people are still scared from the flood and can't see that we are in a drought. Rain is good people!
  • Mangoes. One can never be mangoed out. Honestly. Are they putting even more chemicals on them though because wow I don't remember being able to taste them before? Note to self: when up north this month go steal mangoes in Townsville BEFORE they are doused in chemicals. Who knows we may even be able to eat it before we get back home. Just one or two not hundreds and technically the mister will be stealing them because I'm shit scared of sap burn.
  • Our steam cleaner. If you haven't splurged on one with a shitload of adapters do it. Honestly, it cleans everything so quickly, easily and without chemicals. We use it for the windows, shower, mirrors, sinks, benches - pretty much every surface in this house (no carpet yay!).
  • Lists. They are everywhere for everything including organising the blessingway, shopping, cleaning, appointments up north, to blog, to pack - if it can go in list form it will. They drive the mister bonkers but it makes life so much easier and it's so satisfying crossing off items.
  • Music. Right now I'm especially loving Regina Spektor and Florence and the Machine. Unless the neighbours are playing shitty Top 20 dance music, then I love my friend's, F&E's sets to show them what real music is. Yes I have music wars with the neighbours and regardless of what they say I always win. Don't tell the mister though because he thinks I'm jaded which I am not, I just have good taste in music.
  • Sitting back and watching lufflump play. This kid has an awesomely strange imagination. He does some weird shit but mostly makes his toys fight or cars crash. He likes climbing too so he'll make obstacles to climb over to get from A to B but then crack the shits and chuck a tantrum. I'm the mean mother who just laughs at him, I swear it's part of the game now.
Watching Godzilla and his toys
  • Movies. My favourites at the moment to watch are Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist and Whip It. I've even made a sequel in my head to Nick and Norah. Sad but true. Watching Whip It while pregnant is cruel though and the mister always knows when I've watched it because I tell him when I'm not pregnant I'm going to do roller derby. He knows best to just nod and smile now.
What are you loving right now?


  1. Tell me more about your steam cleaner! We've got tiles downstairs and with my two mess makers I think it will make my life easier, but I can't decide on a type/style/brand.

    I'm also right there with you on scorching hot showers and lists :)

  2. Completely agree on the mangoes! Can never have enough (must be a north QLD girl!).

  3. I'm with you about the hot showers, nothing beats the feeling of red toasty skin!

  4. I had a mango last night. It was AMAZING. We'll be stocking up when we go to Townsville next month!

    I'm also contemplating a steam cleaner for our lino floors. I've heard good things.

  5. Mangos, Hot Showers, Music.... we share the same favs!

  6. very nice list.. soo love to go to the mopvies too.. lovely picture.. enjoyed your blog, following you now.. hope you could visit my blog too.. kissess!!!

  7. Lovely pics, lovely posts and lovely blog. I wish you best of luck! Regards!

  8. Rain, mangoes, co sleeping, all on my list too :)

  9. I agtee with hot showers, co sleeping, rain, music - all great things!


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