Thursday, November 10, 2011

Purging or Hoarding

I'm a hoarder. I guess I can say I'm a reformed hoarder. 

I once had ten years of magazines (TV Hits, Smash Hits, Dolly, Girlfriend, Cosmo, Cleo) that I refused to throw out. Hundreds of magazines. I finally had to toss them and I cried. Not just a few tears, full on sobs. 
The mister thinks this pile is bad!
After that I refused to toss anything else and instead stuff overtook my bedroom at my dad's house. 
My poor dad had to put up with a junk room instead of a tidy room where the cats could retreat to and where guests could possibly stay. So much stuff was stored there, whenever I ran out of room where I was living I'd store dump it at dad's. There were blankets, toys, letters, school stuff, clothes, shoes, TVs - you name it and it'd most likely be there. 
My room at dad's before, what I tossed, and after. BIG difference!
The mister HATES clutter. He is a compulsive purger. Seriously he wouldn't own anything apart from the clothes on his back if he had his way. It's disgusting and inspiring at the same time. I don't know where he gets it from as his mum and sister are like me. All three of us have battled with him at points to not throw something out from his youth (I've made him keep his school bag, books and jumper - mainly out of interest as our schooling was so different). I swear he would donate all my books if he had a choice whereas they are my pride and joy.

When the mister and I first got together I was living by myself in a shoebox with NO storage (the only cupboards were in the kitchen and a tiny one in the bathroom). I'm not sure how he didn't hyperventilate every time he entered my small, cluttered home. Every surface was covered with trinkets, the floor had books stacked high and a desktop was used as a linen 'closet'. I tried to keep it tidy but with no storage and so much stuff it just didn't work. I vowed never again to live in a house with shit storage.

Since then;
  1. I've lived with a housemate shit-head in a unit with awesome storage, 
  2. we've lived with the mister's mum, sister and her boyfriend while I was pregnant and stored most of my stuff in their spare bedroom,
  3. we've lived in a beautiful, three bedroom townhouse with awesome storage,
  4. we've lived with the mister's sister and boyfriend in mostly two rooms - bedroom and spare room converted into a lounge room,
  5. we know live in a two bedroom unit with not ideal storage.
While I love our unit. It's so cute and it works well for us, I do wish the storage situation was better. The courtyard is amazing and we all love it. If only it had a linen closet, a bigger bathroom and maybe air-con (although it's pretty cool here in summer). From previously living in small spaces we have good storage solutions like our desk and TV unit. 

The mister has definitely been a positive influence in reducing my hoarding tendencies. He is so encouraging when I go through piles to donate. Honestly, sometimes too encouraging but never forceful. He pretends to understand when I say I need to keep a dress because it was my favourite in school. I never threw out or donated a pair of shoes before I met him, I think I've managed to donate or toss fifteen pairs since. 
Having children brings on a whole new dimension of clutter, clothes and stuff. Whenever lufflump had outgrown clothes I'd put them all into storage straight away. The only time I'd been through it all was when he was six months old and I gave some to my friend for her baby. This week I've finally been through three MASSIVE space bags and one HUGE box full of clothes, all three of ours. I've managed to get it all down to one massive space bag and the huge box full of lufflump's clothes for sesame. Five garbage bags full of clothes were donated and three garbage bags were tossed. Of course there were winter and 'I'll fit into them when I'm not pregnant' clothes that couldn't be donated/tossed and that's mostly what I kept. 

It feels so good purging; donating and tossing. I feel satisfied, I feel lighter and I feel proud. I'm no longer a hoarder. I'm able to donate clothes, shoes, toys and housewares. I may even go through the bookcase and donate some books. It's just a start though because really I haven't made that much an impact compared to what we still have.
What we donated when we first moved here
We still have a lot of boxes and stuff down in our garage. When the floods happened earlier this year I remember telling the mister that it was ok if we lost everything in storage. I believed it at the time but not now although I know what is in some boxes while others I have no idea. I know my Beatles dolls are down there with my James Dean and Michael Jackson dolls, it would NOT be ok if I lost them. I also know that there are a lot of lufflump's toys down there and while they can be replaced it would be expensive and annoying. I'm sure there's linen down there that we haven't seen in over eighteen months and I couldn't care less if we lost that. There's a bunch of other boxes down there and I have NO IDEA what is in them.

Guess what today is? Sorting through the garage and hopefully donating over half of what is down there. We might even go through lufflump's toys. I'm determined and on a roll!

Do you purge or hoard?


  1. I hoard for 6 months then go on a purging rampage andthe cycle continues, have just done my spring purge and have a boot full of crap to donate, it's very cleansing and I can walk in the study again! Well done on your reform!


    Mine sits in my bookshelf with a large 'This is not rubbish' post-it note stuck on it. True story.

    I'm a bit of a chucker. Living with two kids in a townhouse does that to you. That being said, DH & I both have a large box each of memorabilia. We pull it out from time to time and add more things, and take some away ("Wait, I'm not attached to this pen that my crush touched in year 10 anymore").

    Good luck on your chucking journey!

  3. I'm such a horder, but I have gotten so much better since having kids.
    I have recently done a big clean out, 11 bags in big and 7 to charity! Felt great once it was done

  4. I'm a hybrid. I love decluttering but I find I keep a lot for sentimental reasons. However, I have a threshhold and reach a point where I absolutely MUST declutter. I wish my hubby was more like yours. He's a hoarder too not because of sentiment but mostly because he doesn't have systems to clear his stuff. For example, he keeps lots of unopened mail on the dining table (months old) because he doesn't just open and clear when the mail arrives. I'm the one who often ends up clearing his stuff. Other things fall only plate like toddler art, kiddy toys, clearing baby clothes that no longer fit. We only have a small apartment too so it's all getting critical again as I stare are the pile of toddler art and old baby clothes all laid out to be dealt with!

  5. Both i hoard alot of things but i HATE mess so i purge what i think we are never going to use again. Thats not to say theres no mess with 4 children i would be delusional to think we could live without any mess but there needs to be balance thats life one big balancing act.

  6. I am a hoarder. Guilty.
    Yay for donating! It does feel good doesn't it?
    I recently managed to part with 6 bags of books that have been sitting in my garage for over a YEAR. I think we're due another purge soon... but I need someone neutral like my mum to help me see reason while I do it!

  7. We are doing a major clean up and garage sale. I am changing our hoarding ways!!! Yay!


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