Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Things That Piss Me Off

I have my ranty panties on today. They are the kind that constantly ride up your ass and piss you off. Fucking annoying they are.
  • Washing never ending and floors never staying clean. Fucking hell just make it stop. It sucks even more after holidays, the washing triples and the floor is dirty again although no one has walked on it. 
  • Insomnia. Why is it that I can't fall asleep or stay asleep at night but can't wake up in the morning? As soon as I lay down my thoughts go crazy and won't shut up. Which leads me to the next thing that pisses me off.
  • Early mornings. Lufflump has been waking up at 4:45 EVERY FUCKING MORNING. Oh and this is regardless of what time he goes to sleep at night. That means if he decides to be a typical toddler and fight sleep until 10pm he'll still wake at 4:45am. He might even fight a nap during the day which means no break for me. Add that to the insomnia and I'm pretty much pissed off constantly.
  • The Wiggles. Mondays are not fun days. Having that song in my head for all seven days of the week is not something I enjoy. Also Murray scares me, scary like a clown. I will not be paying out of my ass to see them with lufflump either. 
  • Not having chocolate in the house. Apparently being frugal means no chocolate or good stuff. Instead I'm having yoghurt for my sweet tooth. Somehow it just isn't the same. Frugal sucks. The same with ice-cream. I want something with chocolate or cream.
  • Having to be patient. I'm the type of person who doesn't do patience. I'm even inpatient in giving gifts. Last week I had to be patient not once but twice. I still have to be patient now and it's not making life easy. Insomnia and patience may go hand in hand in the pissed off stakes. I don't like it.
Anything pissing you off lately?


  1. Fully agree with 1 2 4 and 5! They make me ranty too. I loathe the wiggles, and won't let the kids watch its sanitized rubbish. Their inane grins make me shudder.

    I hope today Lufflump gives his mummy lots of cuddles, has a day sleep and trundles off to bed at a peaceful 7pm or so, and that you can do the same!

  2. Oh that early waking... I remember it well. My little one went through a stage at 17 months where he woke at 2am and wouldn't go back to sleep... for months. It almost killed me. I am the opposite. I can get to sleep but wake so early and can never get back to sleep... my mind is too active after a good 7 hours of sleep... hence I blog... at 4am in the morning. Things that piss me off?... the betrayal of false friends, the fact that people have to be homeless in our beautiful city, the dings in my car that I get every time I park in our local Coles car park, ..... yeah and dirty floors... I agree! A-M xx PS Oh and you know what really pissed me off last week... someone reported me to Child Safety!!!! saying that they were concerned for my boys safety and well being!!!! My boys!!! My darlings!!Someone with a passive aggressive streak.... the danger of letting strangers into your life for a very brief period! Sick tactic. Very distressing for my boys.... interview after interview. Can you believe it. Still got my boys ...so mission thwarted! xx PPS Sounds like you need chocolate. Get some.... pronto. Hey, and let's ditch our Freestyle chocolate fix and do the Haloumi at Posto. xx

  3. Oh dear! Feeling any better?
    Have you thought about getting a sleep training clock? For Lufflump that is, not you. Best $50 I have ever spent! My little one knows he can't come out of his room until the alarm goes off. He was a 5:15 on the dot waker for a long while!

    Can't stand the wiggles either! Something wrong about grown men dancing and singing like that to kids.

    I have a loooooong lost of things that piss me off too. One that comes to mind now is people not returning the damn trolleys to the trolley bay! It's not that hard!

  4. YOu really do have you're cranky pants on today!
    Firstly, i have to say, we do like the Wiggles in our house and are seeing them live next week so i cant agree there but... frugal does not mean no chocolate! Frugal just means you have to make the block last a week instead of scoffing the whole lot in one sitting!

  5. Washing is my least favourite job for that very reason! I think it must be a law that whenever I wash the floor, the same day my child either spills something/wees/vomits etc on the floor. And no yoghurt just doesn't cut it some days- hope you find some chocolate or ice cream soon!

  6. I feel your pain!! I hope you manage to get some rest soon for you & bump. I'm running on 2 hrs sleep a night with a sick 13yr old so I can't even blame the baby. You need chocolate, it's a need not a want when pregnant.

  7. I like your cranky pants... go & get yourself some chocolate. It is the only thing that keeps me going some days :)

  8. Not really something that pissed me off recently, but just in general I hate not being able to sleep when my girl is having her rare moments of sleeping well too the night!

    She usually wakes up 2-3 times a night but sometimes she's good.. and such a bloody waste when I can't fall aslp and enjoy the rest ;p

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka
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  9. First things first: buy some chocolate woman!

    Insomnia is not cool. When my mind is racing a million times an hour, I repay movies or tv shows I know off the top of my head in my mind. It sounds odd. It it works for me.

  10. Ugh, I totally get the insomnia thing!! I can lie awake at night for what feels like hours while hubby's asleep within minutes. But getting up early? Or at all? *grooooooooooannnnnnnnnnn*

  11. Totally relate to #1 - the never-ending cycle drives me bonkers. Ditto to chocolate - we are frugal, but we ALWAYS have chocolate (except maybe the day before the next shop). I justify spending about $10 a week on chocolate when I'm not spending $100s on clothes and other stuff.

  12. Those are all perfectly reasonable things to be pissed off about! Poor you with the early starts. I'm much the same with the insomnia and then the difficulty waking. Also, the washing and the floors thing - grrrrr. Does my head in too!

  13. Murray is a total creeper.

    Insomnia pisses me off too. I struggle to fall asleep most nights, then on the night I do crash, I'm awake again by 3.30am.

    My peeve at the moment are mummies who can't park straight in the school car park. Repeatedly reversing in and out without turning the wheel is not going to give you a different result!

  14. oh early mornings piss me off too.. 5.30 this morning all three kids were up and fighting..give me patience!!

  15. Haha! The washing. And the floors. And when will they invent a dishwasher that stacks itself - or at least a chip I can implant in Pal's brain to make HIM stack it.

  16. Lol, you had me at Ranty Panties! I so relate..
    Today I swept the floor 4 times & it is still fricken dirty. I did 3 loads of laundry & there will be another 2 loads tommorow. I have trouble sleeping at night as well, a reeeeeally boring book helps, but those early mornings are just a killer any way you look at it :(
    Go & get chocolate ice cream, you deserve it.

  17. Murray scares me too!

    4:45am is highly offensive, even more so without a nap to offer some relief.

    Cleaning the floors totally shits me, it always needs to be done.

    For the love of sanity if you are on no sleep and singing the wiggles you damn well need some bloody chocolate xx

  18. Totally cheap chocolate fix... Chocolate Toast. My mom made it for me for a treat when I was little. Melt a couple tablespoons Butter/Margarine. Add Sugar & Unsweetened Cocoa Powder (here in the states, I get Hershey's) until you get the taste right. Spread it on bread and pop it under the broiler until bubbly. Give it a minute to cool and chow down! Heaven!


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