Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Home Desk Organising

Saturday night I was fortunate to have a night to myself. Lufflump was at my mum's and the mister was at his work Christmas party. I wish this was a post all about how at the last minute I invited friends over for a fun dinner and movie night. Instead I was still suffering from the flu, the Amy Pregnant Flu, so I spent the afternoon and night watching Community, SVU, Freaks and Geeks, blogging and organising.

Yes I spent my first night alone, possibly this year, catching up on my To Do list and organising our desk. Nerd alert. Honestly, I was bored and did something I can't do when the house is a mess or lufflump is home. The desk desperately needed to be done as bills needed to be sorted and everything needed to get back on track.

When I was studying the desk was tidy and organised. It needed to be or my mind wasn't organised. Weird but true. Since I've stopped studying I've let it go. Badly. Bills were piled in a green basket that sits on the top of the desk. Bills and receipts that came in whether they had been paid or not. Not good. It wasn't just full either, it was overfilled.  
Our version of the junk drawer
I also organised four of our desk boxes. One was supposed to be full of stationery, one full with this years bills filed away, one full with craft and folder inserts, and one full of filed bills and other bits of paper that are rarely used. Supposed to be anyway. Everything had been mixed, stuff was stuffed in and nothing was easily accessible. It needed help. Urgent help.

Our desk is a eight cubed Expedit converted. I dream of a big desk with lots of space in a lovely office, but this is fine for the time being. I'd also love to put a mini bookshelf on top too for the printer and other fun stuff. Maybe that'll be on our shopping list next time we head to Ikea. We have a pretty fabric covered cork board behind the computer that used to have photos, drawings and inspiring quotes but lufflump discovered the pins so we removed them. I'm yet to get pins that he can't remove so it remains unused. Lucky it's pretty.

On the side of the desk we've attached a newspaper rack which was holding a whole bunch of stuff that lufflump loved to pull out. Any mess he can make must be minimised as he's still in his everything must go stage. Please tell me it's a stage. So I organised that as well.

I've been pretty shit with photos this time, sorry. I took some before and during the organising but stupidly not after, so I've had to take photos with lufflump awake and toys everywhere. Not the best.
The desk not long after we moved in.
The desk today. 
Before I organised everything. See how full all the boxes are!? Not workable.
During the organising process.
The 'junk drawer' after.
All the bills has been sorted. What is left in the 'junk drawer' is blank DVDs, a Merry Christmas sign to be hung up soon, some BeyondBlue information and a couple of the mister's magazines. Pretty empty!
Bills box
This box is our go-to box. It's got al our bills and receipts filed away. There's also bits and pieces like a few empty photo frames, business cards, lufflump's locks from his last haircut, and some stationery that isn't used often. Everything is easy to get to and it's easy to explain where something is.
Not often used box.
This box has stuff we don't use often or materials that are new and unused like folders, inserts and craft paper. It's not used often and again everything is easy to get to. Oh and that Tupperware container is broken but I haven't gotten around to replacing it but I will soon, one day, next year. 
Stationery box
Our most used box, the stationery box. I ended up putting the pens, USB keys, rubber bands and other small objects into separate smaller containers as they were EVERYWHERE. I swear they breed like bobby pins but then when you need one you can never find them. 
The folders in the newspaper rack are for blogs, organising, daycare and birth stuff. I also went through what was in them originally and organised them. The other box is EMPTY! It actually belongs in the TV cabinet. I did have a clear box that I filled with used notebooks and the sort which is ready to go down into the garage. I also threw out a massive bag  full of crap. 

All in all it took me about two hours. I'm impressed with it all but still have a lot to do. I think I've been lusting over too many pretty offices on Pinterest, I'll be linking some pretties up with Tina on Sunday.

Is your desk nice and organised?

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