Friday, November 4, 2011

Letter to Lufflump

Dear Lufflump,

We are currently laying in bed, me writing this and you watching 'The Incredibles' while playing with my ear. You alternate between rubbing my ear with your hands and your feet. It's odd but given my own sensory issues not surprising. 

You're really coming out of your shell and not being shy around people. It's wonderful. You have your favourites preferring men over women probably because you find they're more likely to have the same interests as you. Currently those interests include cars (still), aeroplanes, helicopters, animals (especially big ones) and dinosaurs. You love stickers and drawing. Also anything that makes a big mess, something your dad wishes you weren't so fond of.
Talking to Opa on the phone
You are a rough and tumble boy who loves to attack people by body slamming their face. I'm the main supporter of this game whispering 'attack' before you do it. We giggle our heads off. I think your dad is also over this game.

Cheeky vegemite face
Your sense of humour is hilarious. You find burps and farts funny, your favourite part of any movie is the end of Jimmy Neutron when the parents drink the burp soda. Uncontrollable laughing erupts every time. You still dance like a maniac and although I try and film you I usually end up dancing with you. Running up and down the hall, usually from dinosaurs, happens many times daily and is probably the main way you get exercise.

Park time with daddy

You also really love water and could spend all day playing in it. As the weather warms up you probably will if you don't break another clam. Until then you spend hours in the shower with buckets. Every now and then I'll run the water to refill them, then we wave goodbye to the water. Very rarely a tantrum will happen and if it does we say goodbye to the water again which makes you happy. 

You are such a happy child and every day I'm reminded how lucky I am that I have you in my life. Thank you for choosing us my little prince.

Love mummy


  1. Ohhh Miss tutu

    my heartstrings are pulled :)

    that is such a beautiful well worded letter.

    I wish our parents all did this when we were little

    have a lovely day gorgeous mumma

    loulou, hereiamloulou blog


  2. Oh he sounds like such a little darling! And look at those eyes!
    Just gorgeous!

  3. Thats really beautiful, and so is that Vegemite face ( although, i gotta say, its a pretty clean Vegemite face! )....

  4. This is such a beautiful, intimate and loving post. I really try to capture those special, unique moments that just melt my heart too like the ear fetish or crazy fart inspired giggles. They'll grow out of these things and never remember but these are the little jewels in our memories of those special days. Lufflump has such gorgeous blue eyes.


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