Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa,

It's less than 30 days until Christmas Eve and I understand you are VERY busy. I'm sure I'm on the Nice List but I haven't yet told you want I'd like for Christmas. I'm sure I've said I want a lot of things but this is my final Christmas Wish List.
1. Macbook Air 2. Macbook Air Case
Tax time I was all set to get a laptop BUT a small car bingle caused our laptop money to go to an insurance company (like they don't have enough already). This Christmas I would love the above Macbook Air and hard case. It would mean I'd be able to easily blog in bed, at the park and on the couch. I'd be able to use the laptop while the mister or lufflump used the computer. 
 1. Hermes Desk 2. Hermes Desk Add On 
As I mentioned last week, I love our desk but it's a bit small. I can't really have a book open on the desk while being on the computer. It makes studying difficult and the mister will be doing some serious study for the airforce in the next few months. I love the Hermes desk and add on above, it'd be perfect. It could probably even fit where our current desk is and we'd convert our current desk back into a bookcase which would be more storage! Perfection.

Little bits and pieces I'd love. The electric garden charger would look awesome on our new Hermes desk plus it's functional! 

How awesome is the clock?! We don't have a clock hanging up and it's frustrating. I wouldn't mind one of these clocks in our bedroom and lougeroom - different colours too please.

Our current desk chair has lost it's comfort. The mister thinks it's from all three of us sitting on it at the same time. I think it's from the chair just not harding the fuck up. Either way that Kate Spade chair is a trillion times better than our current Officeworks chair and would look so brilliant with the Hermes desk.

That lamp is perfect for my bedside table. It also comes in blue and green so the mister doesn't have to be stuck with pink. I need to girly the place up though and bring more pink in. This lamp would be a wonderful start.

So Santa if you could bring all or just one of the above items I'll promise to stay nice next year too. Lufflump is in the process of writing his list and the mister is a grinch so don't expect one from him. 
Love Ames xxx


  1. Those desks are beautiful! And the charger would be just perfect! It's fun writing Christmas lists, I hope Santa brings you lots of things off of yours <3

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  3. The Kate Spade wingchair. Divine. Buy it and sit in it forever! xox

  4. Thats one cute list you have going!
    Also - tell your current desk chair to take a cup of cement...bahaha!


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