Thursday, November 17, 2011

Current Organising Obsession

You may have noticed that I'm in a current state of organising. 

We were planning to move. A long move, over 1900kms in fact. Moving a suburb is expensive enough and with removalist estimates sitting around the $2,000 mark we wanted to only move the necessities. Well, we aren't moving any more (don't ask) but not only have I caught the organising bug but it means we are staying in our small unit. Staying here with an extra person, albeit a small one but one with a lot of stuff.

Also organising is helping to keep my mind off current events that I'd rather forget. I've not posted about it all in respect to those directly involved. Maybe in time, I will. I'm still writing about it and it's helping me. Thank goodness for keeping a journal. 

Anyway, I've written about my purging and organising journey lately. Unfortunately that means that there are still so many more rooms to do. For example, I may have done the bottom of my cupboard but not the top or my bags. The kitchen scares the shit out of me. It's so full and I don't want to organise it. How can I have so much stuff when I don't even cook?!
I have to organise his toys too so they aren't always everywhere. Oh and yes he's wearing my zombie shoes.
I'm definitely not an organising genius or queen, I'll leave that to the following bloggers;
I am learning so much from them and reading through their blogs is inspiring. I'm pinning along the way too over at my Organise Board (sounds bad but I've called it Organise and it's a board). At the moment I'm working on a Household Management Folder so expect a post about that soon. After doing the bathroom posts I've decided to post about my organising journey as it's such great motivation!

Do you have any organising tips or favourite organising blogs?


  1. I want to be organised but am not there. I always thought I was, but I think that was my prefer for things to be kept in an orderly manner rather than a talent for being very organised. I even started a post on this but never quite finished it. Suffice to say, I'm going to enjoy the blogs you've mentioned and see if I can't take it up a level myself. I sympathise with the too little space /too much stuff situation because we're in the same boat with 4 of us in a two bedroom apartment. Anyways, I just wanted to say, off topic, that I was interested that you keep a journal. I have one but it's been languishing since I started blogging. It shouldn't be because I always intended to write different things in it. I guess i've not balanced my writing time all that well. How do you manage both plus all the other stuff each day brings?

  2. Moving is such a great reason to declutter and purge. Don't take with you something that you don't like, need, want and have multiples of. I look forward to reading your organising journey!

  3. You know what i'd call this if it werent for the fact you were moving? I'd calling it nesting, Baby Mama!

  4. I know you aren't moving now, but think it is great to keep up with what you started - you are doing awesome. My best tips for a small space is to make sure things are doing double or triple duty where possible (an example would be if you needed a change table for baby I would put a mat on top of a dresser (that holds all his/her clothes and supplies) and to think outside the box (when we lived in a tiny house we gave the kids the master bedroom and we used the 2nd bedroom since we don't hang out all day playing and napping in our room).

    Loved your bathroom update by the way!

  5. I'm sorry to hear you guys aren't moving anymore :(

    My kitchen is TINY. I despise it. I love to cook, but when I have a crappy kitchen with no space to cook, well...lets just say I don't do much cooking.


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