Monday, November 14, 2011

Bathroom Organisation Update

Friday I posted some shocking photos of my tiny bathroom's mess. Friday afternoon I tackled the mess. While it was so hard throwing away perfectly good make-up, nail polish and body products, it's so rewarding not having clutter.

Now because I'm awesome and slightly obsessive, I've got before and after photos.
Under the sink cabinet
Not the best photos for comparison but you get the gist. Before we had two of those wire shelving units, but I took one out. It should have made more space but it was just adding clutter. There are still boxes for hair stuff, make-up, nail stuff, medicine and creams, and regularly used stuff. Wow I say stuff a lot. At least it's not thingy.
Counter top
The counter top is clear! The baskets are still used for what they were before; hair stuff, make-up and daily used stuff. Everything else is now in it's rightful place. 
Shower and linen 'closet'
The black hanger is now gone, it's away under the sink and the toothbrush stuff are now on the counter top in the green basket. I've rolled our towels which does give so much more room! The black boxes have been organised too. They hold cleaning products, the iron, hairdryer, toilet rolls and laundry stuff.
This was the sorting process of the cabinet. That plastic bag ended up fuller than full. We really had a lot of shit. The mister is definitely happy with less clutter, of course. Hopefully it will stay this way.


  1. great progress, looking better already!! i love how your towels looked rolled up, definitely seem to take up less space!


  2. Looks fantastic! Agreed, was skeptical on how much space rolling towels would save but it looks great!

  3. Looks great Ames! I need to do our bathroom cabinet, we only moved in two weeks ago and it's already looking like a cyclone hit it. Need to get rid of sooo much!

  4. Doesn't it feel good!!!!! Love a good declutter!....... and a good before and after shot.... and hey... I say 'thingy' lots!
    'Thingy' is a good word. .... and so is 'stuff'. A-M xx


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