Friday, November 25, 2011

Sesame - Week Twenty-Five

Week twenty-five! It's going so fast.

Sesame is definitely making her presence known. I think she's moved up and is now sitting right on my stomach, it's so uncomfortable. I waddle around everywhere trying to get a comfortable position much to the mister's amusement. As soon as I start relaxing she starts kicking like crazy which doesn't help either. 

The heat isn't getting to me much but I think it is making me tired. Afternoon naps are still necessary but as soon as it starts to cool down at night I'm energetic again. I may be nesting and if I am I'm not complaining. I hope it continues until birth because the house will be spotless and extremely organised.

Other than that everything seems to be going pretty well so here's some belly shots!


  1. She is really starting to pop out now! So cute!

  2. Loving watching your pregnancy progress. Nice to hear Im not the only one who is hot, uncomfy and in need of naps.

    Nesting is so much fun! Our house it spotless... I cant help but throw out all the junk! Hubby is loving it!

    Hope it continues for you!! (loving the organising posts too!)

  3. Sadly, I reckon my belly looks like yours and I'm not pregnant anymore. Must be the chocolate baby hubby says I've been creating these past 8 months. :-(

  4. I wish I was nesting! Thankfully the heat has settled here for a while so the heat isn't bothering me but I am so tired that I can't be arsed cleaning or tidying ANYTHING once I'm home from work!
    Enjoying your updates :)

  5. Look at your sweet neat belly, nice work. I never did pregnancy neatly, especially the twins, i was square & 130cm around the waist, shudder. You are adorable, yay for more babies, love Posie

  6. That was one cute baby bump! And hey, at least you have some heat up there - frickin' freezing down here in DubVegas!

  7. So compact you are Ames. Hooray for the nesting... quick, do it while it's still not tooooo hot. A-M xx

  8. Congratulations! And very cute title belly!


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