Friday, November 11, 2011

Bathroom Organisation

While I am on my organising and purging spree I've decided to tackle our bathroom. I've been scouring Pinterest and lusting over dream bathroom storage.
While dreaming about these beautiful rooms with ample storage is fun, it's pointless as I can't work this into what I have right now. I don't have time to waste procrastinating when I could be planning. Hahaha I did not just say that.

We have next to no storage in our small bathroom. The mister calls the bathroom cupboard the 'cupboard of death'. Our linen 'closet' is open shelves. We've tried to organise it with large boxes but they obviously aren't enough. I haven't tidied anything up, it's a disgrace and I apologise. I can't believe I'm sharing these photos, but here goes.
Our only cupboard space - no draws, lots of drains taking up space and mess
Quick side note - see that pink hairspray? It's shit, as in doesn't work, and highly flammable. DO NOT use it as a blow torch. Trust me on this one, lighting your hand up is painful. The really stupid thing? I'd warned the mister not to do it as it'd burn him then I went and did it. He didn't get burned, I did. I think that will be the first thing I toss - that thing could burn our whole house down.
I've tried to use baskets to help the clutter - hair stuff, make-up and daily used stuff
Our linen 'closet', toothbrush stuff and shower stuff
I would love for our bathroom cupboard under the sink to resemble something like these do. They won't but they might come somewhat close. Maybe when we move?
Some awesome tips and tricks I could use now though are light baskets and rolled towels. Rolling towels - it looks neater but will it take up less space?
I never thought about using a Lazy Susan! Awesome idea but I'm not sure it would fit. Maybe a trip to Ikea is necessary.
First of all though I need to purge. There's so much stuff that I just don't use. I have to stop keeping a lot of it because I want to use it. All that nail polish is just not going to help me paint my dodgy nails. All those skin care products are not going to help me look after my skin any more than I already do. If they were I'd have used them in the last twelve months, right?

Next week I'll share the results. Although pretty baskets won't be included, that's a day trip in itself and not one we will be having any time soon unfortunately.

Please tell me I'm not alone in messy bathrooms?


  1. Those are beautiful photos *but* I would bet every cent I have a stylist spent hours making those cupboards look like that, no-one is living there! LOL
    Have you been to Howards Storage World? They have a shelf for under sink cupboards that has slats to allow for the S trap - tres useful.

  2. Our old place had NO storage, like not even a cupboard under the sink. The mirror slid open ,but you couldn't fit anything useful behind there, we had to keep everything in our bedroom.
    This place has loads more bathroom storage, but no storage in the house everywhere else (old place we had a massive built in wardrobe and a huge linen press).
    I actually really really like all your idea's.

  3. A trip to Ikea is ALWAYS necessary. Always. In fact, I almost think we need to have a blog meet there.

    My under the sink area always looks somewhat like that. I did do a big toss out a couple of months ago, most skincare/makeup/cosmetic products only last six months from the time you open the bottle, so I tossed out everything that I'd opened and never used- getting rid of the expensive stuff HURT.

    Can't wait to see the made-over version :)

  4. You are so not alone. There is no plumbing in any of the nice pictures! Makes things look heaps better. xx

  5. God I hate my bathroom too! Its blue with a dolphin glass stained window and is just hideous! But its a rented house so cant do much about it!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the piccie of the yellow drawers bathroom with the same wallpaper inside the cupboards! Awesome idea!

  6. NO-ONES bathroom looks as neat and tidy as that, ya know if they are actually living and using the bathroom!

    under my counter looks as fab and clean as the ones above, IMMEDIATELY after i've cleaned it and organised it. a couple of days in tho? not so much!

    cleaning out my bathroom and putting in open metal shelves is actually on my to do this week!

    you work with what you've got, hang things off doors, put shelves up etc


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