Friday, November 4, 2011

Sesame - Week Twenty-Two

Oh it feels weird typing over twenty weeks!

This week sesame has been moving A LOT. I could spend hours watching my belly warp from her movements. Sometimes though, like yesterday, she really couldn't have been in a worse position. I was physically sick from it but she moved again not too long after that so I'm not really complaining. Her and lufflump wake at the same time, lately at 5:30 in the too early hours. I try and make it feel later by telling myself that it's 6:30 down south.

We still haven't bought anything new for her. I think we will after we get further confirmation of her gender after the 3D scan around the 30 week mark. I should really book that. 

Baby brain has really taken over as well. I find I have to leave lists everywhere and if I haven't written it down I won't remember it. So if I've told you I'd do something and I haven't please tell me because I've definitely forgotten.

This morning I found the perfect post over on Offbeat Mama about a water birth in photos at the birth centre where I'm giving birth! There is even a photo of my midwife, Nicole. How awesome is that?! Go check it out, it's seriously beautiful and I hope my experience is similar.
Not so much with clothes on


  1. I know i tell you every week how gorgeous your bump is so this week i'm gona say - love your glasses!

  2. You are doing so well TuTu. You look fabulous! A-M xx

  3. I initially wanted a water birth with #1 but that went out the window due to complications. Ah well, what counted was a healthy mama and bub. I hope you get your water birth wish.

  4. You look amazing!

    And I really hope you get the birth you want. I've not done a water birth, but my birth with Isaac was pretty amazing and I feel so lucky.


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