Monday, May 2, 2011

25 Before 25 - Dancing in the Rain with Munchkin

My grandma had a major stroke in January this year. She had five out of eight risk factors so it should have come as no surprise but as with any major event we were all shocked. 

Mum, munchkin and I went down to Bonny Hills (Port Macquarie) as soon as we found out and my uncle's family did the same from Darwin. All the family were there staying together in the one house. My grandma's dream and she was in ICU. 

Within three weeks she was transferred to rehab but infections and depression stood in her way. Deemed as unsuitable for rehab she was transferred to a nursing home close to my poppy.

Naturally, we were all devastated. Both my grandma and poppy were put on low dose anti-depressents. After living fifty years together the stroke shook them to the core, living apart was just another tragedy.

We hadn't seen my grandma since our second emergency dash in February. Since I can remember she's been on the heavy side of the scales so it was a shock to see her weight loss. She looks good and healthy but a bit wasted away. Mind you, it's not surprising seeing as she was on a feeding tube for months.

While we were on our holiday last week we visited grandma every day, sometimes more than once. She couldn't be in a nicer place, well apart from home. It's beautiful and peaceful. I'm sure she'd rather not share a room but unfortunately financially it's not an option. 

The mister, munchkin, mum, poppy and me went to the nursing home last Thursday to have a chinese lunch with her. While we were eating our lunch in the gazebo area a storm came over. Perfect timing for an impromptu rain dance. 
Just before our rain dance
Munchkin and I love the rain. It's so cleansing and refreshing. I had to include it in my 25 Before 25. Munchkin and I also love dancing so putting the two, or three including munchkin, together I thought of dancing in the rain. It's something we do daily with a fun twist.

Munchkin loved dancing in the rain. So did I. For those seconds it was like no one around us existed. We were alone full of love and happiness, smiling and laughing together. The perfect moment.

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