Thursday, May 5, 2011

25 Before 25 - Op Shopping Day

I love op shopping. 

When I was a teenager my best friend and I would spend our weekends in op shops. I still own some of the treasured clothes I found in those times like my pink flares which no longer fit me but will fit my future teenage daughter (no I am not a hoarder!).

The problem with inner city living is there's a heap of op shops but they are so overpriced it's cheaper to shop at chain stores. $85 for a 'vintage' dress they got for free is ridiculous! While we do shop at chain stores I still value the recycling and charity aspect of op shopping. Unfortunately, being a smaller clothing size also means I miss out on a lot of clothing as it appears the average sizes are 12 to 16.

I do LOVE the smell of second hand books over new books and my favourite book shop, Bent Books, is second hand. If you ever find yourself in West End go there and ask Sean about his biography section. Amazing. Just don't tell him it's shit before you see it like I did. Mistake. They are a bit more expensive than an op shop but the experience and range is worth it.

I also have a fascination with second hand men's jackets. I love the smell, comfort and look. I feel safe wearing them like a man's hug.

To me, anything second hand carries a story. A story about a previous life, a journey ventured. A journey I don't know but can imagine by the way the clothing, book, furniture, toy or accessory looks and makes me feel. 

I love being able to tell someone I'm wearing or reading something second hand, from an op shop. I don't say 'vintage'. I'm PROUD saying 'op shop'. 

Having an active toddler means I don't get to op shop as often as I'd like, so I made an op shopping day as one of my 25 Before 25.

I love discovering new op shops and being in a coastal NSW town there's bound to be a few awesome ones. My poppy buys his suits from a Salvos near his home so we headed there.

This Salvos is HUGE! The front of the shop is full of clothes, crockery, shoes, jewellery, and similar items while the back is full of furniture, books and electrics.

The clothes were so cheap, the most expensive I saw was $5 for a thick men's coat (unfortunately it was too big for me) AND they were having a half price sale. 

I went a tad crazy. Seriously, if this store was in Brisbane we would be broke. We would have bought an amazing little coffee table/AM radio/record player (f'ing amazing) ($50) and a brown leather hall table with massive mirror ($90).

I wasn't allowed to buy the above and was banned from buying some other stuff like an awesome bright purple two piece suit (apparently it was ugly). 

I did buy two ties to be worn as belts (50c), a black work shirt ($1.75), a tweed bag ($2), 6 adult book and 21 children's books ($6), 3 Winnie The Pooh plates/bowls ($1), and a knitted/woven fluro trinket holder for munchkin's room ($1) for the grand total of $12.75! Amazing right!
Shitty photo but it'll have to do (lazy)
It didn't end there. We went out to Wauchope and checked out a little op shop.

First off, what idiots go into not one but two op shops with minimum cash? Us. Yep, twice. Did it matter? Well, I would have gone crazier so the mister is happy we did. 

Anyway, I bought NEW Diana Ferrari heels that fit PERFECT for $6 and a beautiful, soft black crochet poncho for $4. Both in PERFECT condition!
The poncho. I have no idea where the shoes are...
Guess what I really wanted from both op shop trips? Just to let you know neither store had them so I had to go to Lowes. All I wanted was one or ten flannos. I had to freaking buy a new one because the op shops didn't have them!? Does anyone know why?

I am IN LOVE with op shopping again. 

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