Friday, May 6, 2011

Twenty-First Day - 'Do It Again' by The Chemical Brothers

The twenty-first day in the 50 Day Music Challenge is 'a song that reminds you of your partner or closest friend'.

I chose the mister and a song that has meaning to both of us for the same reason. It has nothing to do with the lyrics of the song, 'Do It Again'. It has everything to do with the moment we saw The Chemical Brothers live.

We saw The Chems at Future Music Festival 2008. It was the second time we had met and our first festival. 

It still stands as one of my favourite festivals. I think I fell in love with the mister while watching The Chems. I remember him putting his arms around me, resting his elbows on my shoulders so I could watch what he was videoing (I'm short) and he kissed my head. I felt so safe and secure. More than I ever had.

We saw The Chems earlier this year at Future Music Festival again. It was for our third year anniversary. They were as good but nothing can top that first festival. The Chems will always be special to us.

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