Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Happiness Project

Waking up hugs
The amazing Naomi over at Seven Cherubs started the Happiness Project to get us being happy daily. I love happiness even if it has to be searched for in a shitty day. 

I was given an awesome little journal personalised by the amazing Lady P which I used for my Happiness Project. Every night before I went to sleep I jotted down my one sentence about what made me happy that day.

Here is my Happiness Journal;

April 10th
Munchkin blew bubbles today for the first time which made me proud and happy.

April 11th
Today, using my new Tupperware for the first time made me HAPPY!

April 12th
Dancing with munchkin in the morning makes me smile every time regardless of the time of morning.

April 13th
I'm happy that we have a wonderful doctor service that not only does house calls but also bulk bills.

April 14th 
Today I'm happy and grateful for cough medicine soothing munchkin's cough.

April 15th
I'm happy that I met someone inspiring today.

April 16th
I'm happy that I have a good relationship with my dad and that munchkin does too.

April 17th
I'm happy that I accept invitations to new, interesting ventures.

April 18th
I'm happy and so lucky that I can spend most of the day in bed when I'm sick.

April 19th
I'm happy to be connecting to more people through social networking on the internet.

April 20th 
I'm happy that I am able to go out without feeling anxious.

April 21st
I am happy that I have time and can use it well.

April 22nd
I'm happy that we have patience during testing times (traffic).

April 23rd
I'm happy that munchkin has friends at daycare that he can see outside of daycare.

April 24th
I'm so fortunate and happy that my parents get along well enough to be able to have family lunches/dinners on holidays and special occasions.

April 25th
I'm fortunate to have wonderful friends who, while living different lifestyles, are supportive and caring about our life and family.

April 26th
I'm so happy munchkin does so well on long road trips.

April 27th
Naps with munchkin, cuddling, makes me happy.

April 28th
I'm happy that my grandma is in a wonderful nursing home close to my poppy.

April 29th
I'm happy that, today, I was able to see loved ones I hadn't seen for months or years.

April 30th
I'm so proud of munchkin for travelling so well after eight hours in the car (with stops).

May 1st
I'm so happy that we are already organised after our holiday, we are all unpacked and everything is washed (we got home last night).

May 2nd
I'm so happy that we can spend days like today with the mister's and my parents.

May 3rd
I'm grateful and happy for new friendships and the kindness of others in tough situations.

May 4th
Waking in the mornings next to two of the main males in my life (the mister and munchkin) makes me extremely happy.

May 5th
Seeing how proud the mister is of munchkin makes me happy and fall in love with him even more.

May 6th
I'm so happy I got to spend a whole with just the mister, we need it.

May 7th
I'm happy that we have wonderful markets, like West End markets, so close to home.

May 8th
I'm happy and grateful to family and love.

May 9th
Chocolate consumption makes me very happy.

May 10th 
Snuggles and cuddles with munchkin make me very happy especially when we are sick.

As you can see I like munchkin, the mister, family, hugs, sleeping, chocolate, friends, and the fact I'm not allowing anxiety to run my life anymore.

This project has helped me to see the wonderful life I have. I knew it before but forcing myself to see the good in days were I felt there was no good, definitely helped.

I have a shocking memory and ability to keep a journal so, although I wanted to, I haven't continued in writing down in my journal after this challenge finished. I have, however, consciously made my final thought before turning off the light at night about what made me happy that day.

Thank you Naomi, this has been a wonderful challenge and experience.


  1. My partner and our kids featured highly in mine too.
    It was a great challenge :)

  2. Love this list. Love that your family brings you so much happiness and your photo to start the project off is adorable! Love that chocolate consumption makes you happy - it sure makes me happy too! Thanks so much for taking part in this and for giving up a glimpse into your heart and happy life. Naomi x


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