Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Book of the Week 6 - Twenties Girl

 THE BOOK - Sophie Kinsella 'Twenties Girl'
Sophie Kinsella is my favourite chick lit author. She writes fast paces, light, jam packed novels full of loveable characters. 

I first fell in love with her Shopaholic series and branched out to her other books including 'Undomestic Goddess', 'Can You Keep A Secret?', 'Remember Me', and this weeks book; 'Twenties Girl'.

I've read them all multiple times but Twenties Girl was the one that I reread right after I finished it.

Twenties Girl follows Lara, a 27 year old whose business is having problems, her best friend and business partner has run off, she's been dumped by her 'soulmate' and now her great-aunt, Sadie's, ghost is haunting. 

Sadie is back in her Charleston-dancing girl form, full of glitz, glamour and demands. One of those demands, the main one, is that she be buried with her beautiful loved necklace and Lara must find it. 

Lara finds herself transformed thanks to Sadie's influence and their journeys make for an interesting read. It is these journeys and the glimpse into the 1920's dance culture that captured me. At one point Sadie instructs Lara through a date which is hilarious. The clothes and jewels described in Twenties Girl sound divine and make me want to hold a 1920's flapper party.

Twenties Girl connects two distant eras together with romance, humour, fashion, drama and mystery. It is a fun, flirty book that I love for a light read.

What are you currently reading?

Disclaimer: This is entirely my own opinion. I have not been paid by anyone for this review and have done it because I like the book. I also do not claim to be a writer, reviewer or anything other than a book lover.

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