Monday, May 2, 2011

Point and Shoot

This weekend we came home from our holiday. 

The Saturday was spent in the car on the 8hr drive home. 

It was a good trip. I didn't have a hangover or sleep most of the way like the trip down there. The dog spent most of the time in the back and munchkin was amazingly good.
Listening to music, writing, reading and day dreaming occurred on my trip. Thankfully without the dog's smelly breath breathing on my neck like the way down. Did I mention I was hungover?
Munchkin was full of happiness. His trip contained movies, dancing, sleeping and imaginary play mainly with his tiger and polar bear.
Munchkin dancing in the background as I daydream about having long wavy hair living in the country.
Dancing away to the music in his head. He is his parent's child.
My beautiful mum's road trip home was better than the trip down as her stomach wasn't as sore from having her gallbladder removed the Thursday before we left.

Her road trip included chats to the mister, plan making, teasing me, dancing and sleeping.
The mister drove all the way down to Port Macquarie and home to Brisbane. Just as he likes it.

His road trip included lots of lollies, chocolate, chats, teasing me, dancing and laughing at mum for sleeping.

As I said it was an awesome road trip!

Want to play Point and Shoot? Head over to sunny+scout and play :) It's fun.Check out the amazing blog too. All those wonderful photos, so jealous!

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  1. There is nothing worse than being in the car with a hangover, ugh. Glad you didn't have to go through it on the way home too!


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