Thursday, May 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Munchkin

Dear Munchkin,

Today you turn two. At 7:33pm to be exact. I remember your birth like it was yesterday. Well I remember bits and pieces, like telling the midwife it was starting to hurt and that I was going to go home. She didn't let me and you came flying out 12.5 hours after my labour began. 

I'll never forget seeing you for the first time, you were huge! It was love at first sight. Although exhausted I stayed awake just watching you sleep. I couldn't keep my eyes off you. I understand what people mean when they say you don't know what love is until you have a child. I've loved you from the moment I found out I was pregnant and everyday I love you more.

This has been a big year for all of us my little prince.
Your first birthday
You turned one and we spent the day together as a family. Opa came over for a special drive in his new fancy car which you loved. I swear you get your car obsession from him. Your new favourite thing is lining your toys and cars under the TV like he has his cars. I admit your daddy and I don't help with our love for cars too.
Family shot before bed on your birthday
Off to first day at daycare
You started daycare this year. While there are still tears some mornings there are also tears when you are picked up so I'm still confused. Not only have you met some wonderful little kids who greet you at the gate in the mornings but you also have your favourite 'teacher', Miss Angela. She is a cute, young Asian woman who you run to when you see her. She is your first love.
Family shot before first day of daycare
Thanks to daycare you have grown so much. You have so much fun there and have learned so much. I love singing with you while you do the actions you've learned at daycare. It's so cute!
First photo shoot of two
We have been fortunate enough to have you appear in two photo shoots with Tanya from Love Bytes. You are such a camera baby, you smile as soon as you see one. You even pose. I would like to take credit as you have always had heaps of photos taken of you. Mostly by me. 

The first photo shoot was for Agoo Clothing which was shot at a Lavendar farm. Wow. You were on your best behaviour thanks a lot to Tan and her wonderful son who you just loved. You had so much fun. The photos can be found under Baby Boy - Winter on the Australian website.

The second photo shoot can be found here.
First trip to Sydney and the zoo
We went on our first family holiday to Sydney for a week. We stayed with Uncle Jess and Aunty Brooka who you just loved. Well, you loved throwing things at them and dancing on their glass coffee table. Mummy and Daddy fell in love with Newtown and would move there if it were possible. We went on walks everyday to get breakfast and dinner. 

We also went on your first visit to a zoo at Taronga Zoo. You love animals! We watched the seal show and you couldn't believe it. You also loved the lions and elephants. We also went to the aquarium. You love fish. Actually, you love all kinds of animals and nature. Your mother's child.
Luna Park with daddy
We made a trip to Luna Park where my favourite photo of you and daddy was taken. You are both so similar! It's gorgeous seeing you both play. You are besotted by your daddy as he is you. Seeing you run over to him when he comes home makes my heart sing. I hope you continue to be like your daddy as he is a wonderful man, daddy, friend and partner. I know you will be as you are an amazing, loving, fun, considerate child.
Loving the kangaroos at Dreamworld
Not long after we came home from Sydney we were fortunate enough to go to Dreamworld (thanks Hope!). Your favourite was not the Wiggles ride, Dora or any ride in fact, it was the kangaroos. Again, you love animals. You were so gentle patting them and feeding them. You did chase a joey though but all you wanted was a hug. The above photo is one of my favourites. You have this connection with animals, it's beautiful. Again, your mother's child.
Flood #1
In this BIG year you've also experienced three floods. The first one was only small but it looked and sounded massive. It was while we were living where they let out the dam water. 

The second one was bigger but still small compared to the third one. We had fun going down the back to the park (your park) and seeing the water take over. 

The third flood was the big flood of Brisbane. We were away when it began but came back just before the peak. We'd moved into the house we are in now. The old house nearly went under but luckily it, and everything valuable was saved. Our suburb was hit as were the suburbs surrounding us. We went for a walk the day after the peak and thanked the universe that we didn't move into the other units we were offered as they were under. I will forever be grateful for our intuition. 
Flood #3
Your beautiful park near the old place after the flood
Helping daddy move
We moved late last year too into the third house you have lived at. Mummy and daddy needed somewhere closer to the city and with our own space. You helped out so much with the heavy furniture. Daddy definitely needed your strong arms and direction, thank you. 
Christmas time - licking the tree
We had Christmas at the new place. Christmas morning was just our little, awesome family. Perfect.
Christmas Day - new cars!
You got heaps of cars for Christmas. Thank you for reminding us that each present should be enjoyed rather than tossed to the side waiting for more. You played with each present without care for another. Yet another reminder you have given us to enjoy what we have in life more.
Happy New Years
New Years mummy and daddy went out while Noni came over and looked after you. We were all home for the midnight bells but you were asleep. It didn't stop you from partying earlier on though in mummy's shoes. You LOVE shoes. Especially heels and are pretty good at walking in them. My little fashionista. 
First trip to NSW
Unfortunately in January your great-grandma had a stroke. Noni, mummy and you went down twice without daddy who had to work. It was hard, you and I both missed daddy a lot. I know he missed us too. When we came home your joy at seeing daddy was magical. 
First trip to NSW with cousin Isobel
On the first trip down you got to play with my cousin Isobel. You loved her, Aunty Lina and Uncle David. You cuddled up to Uncle David and stole his army men. You and Isobel wet the whole bathroom during your baths with you the main instigator. Blame daddy.

Third trip to NSW - watching birds with Pop Pop
The last trip we went down to NSW daddy came too. It was only a few weeks ago just after Easter. Unfortunately it rained most of the time but we all still had fun. You are such a good traveller in the car. You play quietly, watch movies, sleep and watch the cars go past.
Before Haircut
You also had a full on haircut this year. It was summer and you have your daddy's body temperature so you needed a bare neck. I was heartbroken. My little wild child was gone. Then you did something wild and I realised it was just hair and it'll grow back in winter when you need a covered neck.

No matter what haircut you get you are still adorable in my eyes, my handsome little munchkin.
After haircut
Happy birthday my little prince. I hope the next year is as wonderful as the last two years. 

Every day I am prouder and prouder of you. Words cannot express the love I feel for you. You are my world.

Love mummy


  1. What a magnificent post 'Tutu'. You are truly blessed. He is an angel and you are a wonderful, wonderful mum. A-M xx

  2. Aww - happy birthday to your little dude ( he does sound like such a boys boy - a real dude! ) May he get cake on his face and presents that make him smile!

  3. Happy Birthday precious boy! Hope you get lots of cake and cars!

    Happy 2 years to Mummy and Daddy also, its not easy raising a person, but heck its fun :)


  4. That is such a sweet update to leave him on his birthday. I'm sure he'll read it with earnest when he has grown up. He is soooo CUTE!

  5. Nawwww he is the cutest thing ever! Love the Kangaroo photo and the Luna Park one the best, though the backpack almost as big as him is right up there too!!!


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