Friday, May 6, 2011

Guilt Hunting

The mister has a shooting game on his iPhone. 

An animal shooting game. Called Deer Hunter Challenge. I'm addicted to it and I hate it.

I'm an anti-hunter of any and every kind. Except the iPhone kind. I guess.

I was an anti-hunter of the iPhone kind too and told the mister off when I saw it on his phone. Then for some reason I can't remember I played it. 

I became the hunter.

So far I've been on no less than 25 day trips, about 5 two day trips and 10 eight day trips. 

I've hunted brown and black bears, pumas, moose and deers of different kinds. While writing this post I killed brown bears and moose.

I'm the abusive hunter too. If I miss I blame the animal not myself. I've called an elusive animal every name under the sun. Every bad name anyway. I've yelled at a bear for moving his head at the exact moment I fired causing me to miss and him to attack me.

That's another thing, I'm surprised and angry when attacked. How DARE a bear defend itself against me, a defenceless human. I can't shoot when being attacked, I can only run away. What a WASTE of MY time. It's irritating being attacked. Luckily straight after being attacked I can go back to my day hunting more animals.

I can't wait till the mister goes back to TAFE and work so I can't hunt. In fact that's the only positive to him going back. 

Then I may not also have a sudden obsession with flannos.

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