Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Ames

My birthday last year showing off my diamond earrings

My birthday and munchkin's birthday party day
Warm cuddles
New hair colour!
Caught myself a munchkin!
Just before munchkin got H,F&M 2010
Flood 2010
Boxing Day 2010
Bright pink hair 2011
Royal Wedding 2011
It's my 25th birthday today! I'm getting old in age but not in mind. 

The above photos show how often I change my hair colour. I always love looking back on the year and see the difference. 

I can't wait to change it for many years to come!

Today I will be getting our winter clothes from storage, relaxing, eating cake, talking shit, napping, and snuggling.


  1. Happy Birthday Darling girl!!! Hope you have a fabulous day! And OMG that pink hair was fantastic!!!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday!! Not many people can pull off bright pink hair, but you can!

  3. Happy Birthday fellow Taurean! I hope there is plenty of shit talking and even more cake for you today.

  4. Happy birthday! And 25 is so not old ;) Your hair is awesome, and I love that your not afraid to try something new. It's that attitude that will keep you young forever - and it totally over-rides a number that increases every year :D

  5. Hope you had a Happy Birthday!!
    Loved looking through your photo's.
    I must say that little fish you caught looked absolutely delicious!

  6. Thank you!
    It's been a wonderfully lazy day with my boys.

  7. Happy birthday Ames! And 25 is not old .... i'm 27 and i'm still a spring chicken!

  8. Happy Birthday Ames!! LOVE the changing hair colours, am a bit that way too ;)

    MEanwhile you can all get stuffed with your old comments thanks!! I'm 34 (but really 24 at heart ;))


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