Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

My Mother's Day began at seven this morning at mum's house where we stayed last night. I asked the mister for a catheter so I didn't have to get out of bed to pee. He replied with a finger in my nose. Lovely.

We then got up with munchkin who has come down with a cold overnight. He snotted everywhere, I complained about my sore big toe, mum got breakfast ready and the mister made coffee and cleaned up.
Mum, munchkin and me
We finally left the house to go to brunch with the mister's side of the family. Did I mention we were late? Usual story. We had a stop off on the way to get some South African curry for the mister's mum, said goodbye to my mum and were on our way.

We had a BBQ brunch at a park near our house. Munchkin played on the seesaw and swings when he wasn't eating, chasing birds, stealing a guys basketball or whinging about not being able to have a shower at the taps.

It was a lovely lunch which unfortunately ended abruptly when munchkin saw a little metal trike that he couldn't play on. Deciding he was tired we quickly packed up and left.

Now we've watched a movie together, munchkin is asleep, the mister is getting ready for work and I'm keen for a nap.
Another Mummy Day shot
A damn good Mother's Day even if I didn't get a catheter.

How was your Mother's Day?

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