Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Not A Virgin Anymore

Last night my Twitter party cherry was popped. Thank you Digital Parents and Nuffnang, it was a very enjoyable although fast experience.

I got all dressed up in anticipation to the big event. I put on my tightest dress, matching underwear, pretty earrings, fluffy tiara and made my face all colourful. Forget the fact that I was also wearing my Peter Alexander pj pants and pretty pink socks.

Before the party
I got a glass of Vanilla Coke and a block of chocolate ready, munchkin was in bed snoring away, Tweetchat was ready and I was set.

The party started at 8pm and it was FAST! Thanks to our awesome touch typing and some random spammers Digital Parents trended worldwide. Our party was THAT awesome!!

I've joined in chats before on Tweetchat but never a party and never something so intense and fast! I think there were on average ten posts every five seconds. Intense. I was lost. I ditched the dress, bra, earrings and tiara in exchange for a pj top, dressing gown, glasses and a very confused face.

At the party. 

There were questions, answers, laughs, networking, drinking, and competitions amongst the confusion. In other words, fun! I had two interruptions; munchkin woke wanting cuddles and I needed a toilet break. Not too bad.

The hour rushed by so quickly. Holly "Partygirl" Homemaker asked about the after party but children, bed and Q&A beckoned. The joys of being a parent, a Digital Parent. So after some shameless plugging of our blogs the party was over.

My first, hopefully of many, Twitter party was a fun, fast and full on event where I met a lot of wonderful people.

I'm proud to have had my Twitter Party virginity taken by Digital Parents.

(OMG Blogger please do not go down again. That was hard.)


  1. Love it! Can I feature this on Digital Parents? Ta.x

  2. hehe Im no longer a twitter party virgin either thanks to digitalparents lol It was going very fast. I looked more like your 2nd pic aswell. Except a sick and coughing face with cough lollies and tissues by myside hehe

  3. It as my first also!!! Fast but fun!

  4. I'm such a slut, that was so not my first!!

  5. Was. Completely. Overwhelmed. But fun all the same! You looked gorgeous xx

  6. Hehe I'm like VeggieMama, wasn't my first twitter party, but it was by far the fastest and most intense. Cos of the time difference it was witching hour here and the hubs had to handle everything until it was boob time. Tweeting and breastfeeding - I'm so thankful for touch typing!!!

  7. Ames, you looks great in this dress.
    Belated birthday wishes.. Hope you really enjoyed your Virtual party. Thanks to the Digital Parents to uniting all blogging Moms and dads under one hood.


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