Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mother's Day Love

Mother's Day is right around the corner. This Sunday to be exact (you still have time!). This means a reflection of my love for my mummy.

My mum is AMAZING. I know everyone says that about their mums but seriously mine is. 
Princesses watching the Royal Wedding
When I was six she found herself a single mum. She worked her ass off to give me opportunities and whatever I wanted. I wasn't always grateful or realised what she did for me. From about the age of twelve I became the devil child. So much so that I've told mum to be prepared to go through it all again if I have a Taurus girl because she'll be moving to 'Noni's' house when she turns twelve.

My mum is so awesome that when one of my best friends was kicked out of home when we were fifteen she let him live with us. 
New Years 2011
My mum is so awesome that she used to pick us up from parties if the cops came, actually she always picked me up from parties.
She can't help herself!
My mum is so awesome that she let me move back home when my ex and I broke up back in 2006.
On holiday April 2011
My mum is just awesome ok. She has done more than just give birth to me. She is more than a mum to me. She is my best friend. My hero.
Sharing garlic breath love
If you love your mummy, chocolate and gift vouchers then head on over to PennysPerspective and join in on the love.


  1. Naaaaaw !! I love this !!! and I love your mummy !

  2. Yay for moms! I love love love my mom too.

  3. Nawww, garlic breath love :P


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