Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thirty-Third Day - 'Harder Better Faster Stronger' by Daft Punk

The thirty-third challenge in the 50 Day Music Challenge is 'a song from any artist you've been to see live'. 

Now not to boast or anything but I've seen a lot of artists live. Thank you festivals. It is because of this I chose artists who I will never forget seeing live, not only because of their music.

I chose Daft Punk's 'Harder Better Faster Stronger' from their Alive 2007 Tour.

My ex, our good friends and I didn't have tickets to see Daft Punk when they played at the Riverstage here in Brisbane. We would have loved to have purchased them but they sold out too fast on a day we were broke. Seeing as we were always broke it was no surprise.

We figured we would still suss out the concert, maybe watch from the sidelines. When we got there we saw heaps of people jumping the fences and crawling underneath. Adrenaline and peer pressure took hold. I crawled under a fence with a group of random people, ended up getting kicked in the face by the person in front and lost my glasses. It was dark and I was blind. A group that were yet to jump and the security guard got out their phones to help find my glasses. Thankfully I found them and ran into the crowd.

I enjoyed the whole concert up the front with a group of friends who had paid to get in. My ex and one friend were kicked out and had to wait for me to join them. I remember screaming 'I saw Daft Punk for free!' all night much to the annoyance of mainly my ex (sorry Campbell).

It was an amazing night and one I hope to relive again in December when it is rumoured they will return. This time I'll buy my ticket though.

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