Thursday, May 19, 2011

Failed 25 Before 25

I've failed a lot on my 25 Before 25 list.

Here are my 25 before 25.
  1. Have a board game night
  2. Hold a dinner party
  3. Take munchkin to a new playground 8/5/11
  4. Eat sushi with wasabi 13/5/11
  5. Cook something new and edible
  6. Watch the whole final season of Big Love 4/4/11
  7. Swim at the refurbished Southbank pool
  8. Have a date night with the mister
  9. Sew something for munchkin
  10. Go to Trivia night
  11. Dance in the rain with munchkin 28/4/11
  12. Learn a dance with the mister
  13. Give the boxes of clothes we have in storage to charity
  14. Read alone at a cafe
  15. Go to a blog meet 9/4/11
  16. Do up my resume and apply for my ideal 'right now' job
  17. Go into a formal dress shop and try on a heap of dresses
  18. Have an op shop day 28/4/11 29/4/11
  19. Read for at least an hour everyday 15/5/11
  20. Watch Hotel Rwanda
  21. Eat no takeaway for a month
  22. Watch every River Phoenix movie made
  23. Plant a vegie garden
  24. Throw munchkin a successful birthday party 14/5/11
  25. Plan an awesome birthday party

Am I disappointed? Yes and no. 

I did something I hated (eat wasabi) which wasn't too bad actually. I won't have it again because it's not for me but I'm glad I tried it.

I definitely don't want to watch Hotel Rwanda especially after the mister said he wouldn't watch it again as it's so horrific. I put it on there because I thought it would educate me about what happened but I don't think I need the education. I can live in bliss and try to help the ones I can help now, right?

I didn't do up my resume and apply for my ideal job as it wasn't available but it now is so the resume writing will commence tomorrow when munchkin is at daycare.

The rest I ran out of time to do or just plain failed (no takeaway for a month - FAIL!).

So I now have a year till I turn 26. So I'm going to start a new page, a new list, a new challenge.

Wish me luck!


  1. Ohhh fun!!!! If you do 26 before 26 I'll do 28 before 28! (OMG I just realised I turn 28 next year....)

    And seriously, I think just writing down a list of things like this, even if you don't follow through with everything, is commendable. It looks like it's allowed you to take stock of your life, and given you more of an idea of what you want. And really, to me, it looks like you got the most important things gone:
    Taking Munchkin to a new playground
    Munchkin's birthday party
    Dancing in the rain with Munchkin!
    Can you imagine the memories he will have of his mother as he grows up???
    I <3 you!

  2. Love the list and the concept! My fave would have to be #23. Dunno if I'll ever get around to doing that myself... Let us know if you do (and what the vegies taste like)! Love the pic, by the way :)

  3. Your man is right - i've seen " Hotel Rwanda " and though it is brilliantly acted and an overall brilliant movie, it is very harrowing. I can say with absolutely certainty that i have never cried so much during a film... and i cry a lot!

  4. My list is a work in progress. It changes as I achieve certain things and as I get change perspectives/ moods etc. I don't think it matters what you do as long as it makes you happy and/or challenges you and meets that need in you to achieve your goals. Whatever they are.

  5. Oh Daisy, do it! Seriously. List buddies :)
    Thanks for your kind words too.
    Seriously list! xxx

    Thanks Lina. We are planning on planting a vegie garden just have to get around to it. It takes work, who woulda thought ;)

    Oh yes another reason not to watch it, Amy. I'm a crier. I cry from the opening to the end in PS I Love You and The Notebook. I'll be a wreck in Hotel Rwanda. Not going to happen.

    I agree Bronnie. I think at one point I'll finish this list off. I'm shocking at deadlines sometimes. It's always interesting looking back on lists written years ago and seeing how you've developed as a person.


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