Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thankfully Versatile

While I was away on holidays I received the above Versatile Blogger award from Kellie at The Good, The Bad & The Unnecessary. Wow. How honoured am I! 

Unfortunately I also have a bad memory and honour does not help me there. Only memory enhancing pills could. Do they exist? I'll test them!

There are rules to this award. I don't like rules much. I will however comply ESPECIALLY as my memory has let me down so much! So the first rule is that I have to share seven things about me. Here goes;

  1. I have an intense phobia of petrol tankers. I'm getting better with single tankers, passing a triple tanker in the NT doing 130k/hr will do that. If it's next, in front, or behind me I'm a mess. I feel like vomiting and crying. One reason why I don't drive.
  2. I like dead celebrities. They are way more interesting as all their secrets are revealed.
  3. Ads during formula one makes me very angry. I'm missing action for shitty ads. If they were good ads I'd be less irritated but no, they are the same boring ads every break.
  4. I don't like the fact that Osama Bin Laden has been killed. Now the future is scarier. Ironic.
  5. I'm passionate about mental health issues and have some awesome opportunities ahead of me.
  6. I love cold weather. As long as my hands and feet are warm.
  7. I'm addicted to chocolate and caffeine. A sense a detox occurring again soon.
That wasn't too hard. Phew.

Ok, one more rule. It is to pass it on to blogs I've discovered lately and love. For those who are award free or have already received this award, this is just good vibe love from me to you. Here goes;
  1. Penny's Perspective
  2. Kate Says Stuff
  3. New Adventures In Dreamworld
  4. Daisy, Roo and Two
  5. Martyr-hood
These are blogs I have found recently. Like in the last few months. 

Check them out, say hi, follow or do whatever you like. Don't forget to check out Kellie's blog either!


  1. Well deserved!!
    ...and thank you!
    Reading your list, it seems we have a lot in common :-)
    Especially the part about the chocolate and caffeine haha!!

  2. Aww - thanks for my award and congrats on yours! Only problem is now i have to think of 7 things i havent shared in my previous 502 post on my blog.... may take a while!

  3. I hate trucks. Shakes, cold sweats and panic.
    One reason I dont drive either!



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