Thursday, May 19, 2011

iPhone breakage in more ways than one.

I broke my iPhone. 

It was surprisingly easy. It fell, like it had so many times before. It smashed so badly I had to put a screen protector (how ironic) on it so the glass didn't fall out or cut my hand.
My MIL got sick of me having a smashed phone so for my birthday she got it fixed for me. Yay (thanks)!
It did mean I was without my phone for over twenty-four hours. 

Oh heck.

What did I do? It was a day with munchkin so we sat down together and drew, sang songs, danced, played cars and blocks, and watched movies. 

I read a whole book from cover to cover. Mind you that meant I didn't go to bed early.

I cleaned the house. 

I ate more than normal.

I watched more movies and actually knew what was going on.

So, if I didn't have an iPhone I'd spend more money, read more, blog less and be fat.

Oh heck.

I got my phone back and it's SO shiny! I love it. I can play Where's Wally again and he won't be so stealthy.

It's been charged three times since I got it back yesterday around 5pm and it will be charged again tonight.

Now all I need is an iPad2.

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